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Have a squadmate who continually drags down the team?

Perhaps he’s halfway across the map, expecting a revive. Or maybe she’s sitting on four Cobra Missiles while your group gets sandwiched by three Banshees? Or it could just be that your entire squad is terrible.

Why not send them all this video? It contains major tips on staying alive, choosing a role, and making it till extraction. Plus, it will make you look like a condescending jerk.

It’s a win-win situation.


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  1. Haven’t played ME3 yet, but when I do, I will certainly remember to TAKE COVER and EXPEND AMMO. Are there seriously people who still haven’t figured those little gems out?

    Great video, WiNG (although you got dangerously close to a spoiler in the middle. My heart stopped and gasped, “Why are you watching tip videos about a game you haven’t played?” I had no answer).

  2. Hang on a sec, although I don’t play M3, are you saying the vast majority of player go ;” Oh, I’d better not shoot the robot that is about to end my worthless life because I may not have ammo in a critical situation where a robot is going to end my worthless life. I shouldn’t take cover either because I can’t do a 360 headshot that probbably won’t kill the massive robot. Best option is to die on the wrong side of the map and moan at my teammates.” WiNG, how does a game that attracts Pros like you also attract people who would forget to throw a grenade after they’d taken the pin out. And please again, make more TF2!

  3. Im happy that on pc, only the 90% of players are noobs, But Im sad that 99.9999% of the time I team up with them -.-‘

  4. WING, I read your first article on how not to suck at ME3 multiplayer and just read this follow on.

    I can’t agree more on playing to your strengths. I’m not a sniper but I know I can work the hell out of the engineer and the adept support roles. I’m really good at that and that is what I will play. If I’m playing with friends I’ll experiment or I’ll even create a private game to try out powers and weapons. No need to try and do that with random people (and suck at it).

    As you mentioned, all the points are shared. Seen too many people rage quit after helping them take down a husk that was dry-humping their leg.

    Even though communication is a big key to success, I’ve found that you do as the Romans do. If the group sticks together, you do the same. If we have a low leveled guy, I tend to watch their back a little more and provide support if/when needed. After a couple of rounds you can tell if you’ve got the Lone Ranger out there who needs to get revived ever round and when they don’t get revived, will they rage quit or learn to stay with the group (most tend to rage quit which surprises me because that either says their stupid or they think were being selfish, usually I’m not selfish, just get tired of saving your ass if you’re halfway across the freakin’ map).

    Anyway, great points, hopefully people will watch this and become better ME3 players.

  5. Another good tip is to generally stick together in the same area before the next wave. The enemies first spawn as soon as that ‘Wave #’ appears. In Reactor, for example, if everyone is at the starting area, there is a high chance that the enemies will either spawn on the other end of the giant cylinder underpass, or in the section to your right/next to the middle of said underpass. My fellow Engineer butt sex patrollers /don’t judge and I used this to our advantage against the Geth and Reapers many a time. Cerberus, for whatever reason (inner deep voice: those bloody Phantoms!) just don’t seem to comply.

    Though the general point remains: don’t split up before a wave, to make sure the crowd comes to you in an orderly fashion /like in elementary school!

    Quickly on your first… erm, number 5. I’m all for never trying to be a hero, or hogging kills through and through, but even though all our points eventually pool together at the end of a mission to reward everyone, it does provide a sense of competition, and in that, like Tuchanka, the strong rise, and the weak learn… or rage quit.

    In closing: good video. Is this site new? I only found out about it a week back, while looking for some multiplayer builds, in which I’ve enjoyed some of your points when it comes to that. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, and good points. I have seen split teams during spawn end in disaster when the game drops an Atlas directly on top of me.

      The site is about two years old, definitely hasn’t been around as long as IGN or GameFAQs or anything like that. We’re glad you’re enjoying it so far.

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