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Just a quick note: if you’ve been interested in trying out Path of Exile, but are wary of paying a whole ten dollars to access the beta, this is your lucky day weekend.

The increasingly hyped action/RPG title will be available free to everyone for a stress test from Friday May 11 at 5pm PST to Sunday May 13 at 11:59 pm PST.

Those of you who participated in the weekend previews of Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 know how this works by now. Create an account at the Path of Exile site, download the client, and get ready to murder your way into a big pile of loot.

And there’s no better time to jump in than now, since Grinding Gear Games just released POE’s new Shadow class alongside a massive patch that increased difficulty, rebalanced items and skills, and fixed a whole slew of bugs.


Learn more about Path of Exile and its developers

Unfamiliar with Path of Exile? Check out my initial impressions of the game’s (normally) closed beta, as well as our in-depth interview with the game’s developers.

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  1. Great title. Didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I have. The only annoying thing is playing inventory tetris all the time. Why cant I rotate the wands to fit in 3 spaces across?! Ah well..

  2. Hey WiNG, just wondering if you ever encountered something like this (I just posted on the official forums too):

    I play as a Ranger (Lvl 15) with maxed out Bow Damage and a little Dex. + Evasion. I have quite “good” armor (290 Evasion)

    Sometimes when I go exploring certain mob types (Tentacle things in the ship graveyard f.i.) spawn at the very rim of my view and spike me to death in less than a second with frost spikes. Even if they don’t kill me instantly they freeze me in spot and kill me a second later. Theres nothing I can do but ressurect, and slowly move towards them throwing traps in my general direction.

    I have encountered this with a lot of mob types, especially casters or teleporting melee fighters. the recast time on some of the mobs spells is so ridiculously fast that they can hit you with a 33% life drain in less than a second without signaling you where its going down and giving you a chance to dodge out of the way. To top it off, their accuracy is perfect. Even if it would be off a little, the range of some of these things is so huge it still hits you regardless.

    Currently, that’s the only beef I have with the game and it only started the last few hours. Levels 1-10 were great, though it seems all the deaths I didn’t suffer before (my first death was at level 12) are now coming back to haunt me!

    • In the most recent patch they gave many monsters spells to cast and as a result many areas are dangerous now. I have been playing in hardcore mode and made it to 22 so far, but many fights were close calls and yes I have been spiked by casters like that.

      Keep in mind that (as far as I know) Evasion doesn’t work against spells, only normal attacks (melee, arrows, etc). So if you want to avoid getting spiked you will need to equip elemental resistance and/or take the passives that grant -XX% chance of freeze/burn/shock.

      • Ya I did that now.
        In fact, turned out I was just 2too careful with my gear. It was decent, but a lot of these currency7status change orb thingies were left unused in my Stash.
        So I started enchanting some of my stuff.

        I think they need to do a better job of telling you which part of the stats of an item is “normal”, which is “magical” and which is “rare”

        I burned through some of the orbs and now my gear is, as far as I can tell, quite godlike for the area I’m in and I have yet to die in Act II.

        And I think they should introduce a level cap for most rings and amulets, because all my “old ones” are now on my level 3 Witch… She has so much mana, I don’t even have enough spells to use it all.

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