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It’s that time of year again. Though the rest of the T3 crew couldn’t make the trek, I, Rabid Ferret, am here to save the day. This year is looking to be even bigger than the last. The crowds are more crowded, the booths are boothier, the babes are babier, and the internet is still overloaded as thousands of nerd descend upon downtown LA.

Just like last year, we’re not looking to be just another place to get the same information on the major key notes. We’re going down into the deepest recesses of the expo to find what’s really happening in the industry. Also like last year, if there’s any titles, systems, developers, publishers, booths, or anything else you want to hear about, let us know in the comments.

We’re 30 minutes from the doors opening, so stay tuned!

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    • Inoreich. They need to go ahead and announce the release date, so I can plan the trial separation from my wife accordingly. (Oh, no. She’s looking right at me. Alt+F4!)

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