Home Strategy Duels 2013: Online matches with Pack Instinct, Crosswinds

It’s going to take a little while before I can put together whole deck builds. Why’s that?

Because Wizards of the Coast went haywire with the feedback of “we want more customization.” Instead of 15 unlocks per deck, there are now 30. That effectively means it takes 300 wins to bring every deck up to full power, and that’s before you have to figure out what to keep and what to ditch!

I will continue to work, plan, and test on every deck I play. But in the interim, why don’t you just enjoy some gameplay footage? You’ll see how I tackle each deck… as is.


Pack Instinct



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  1. Honestly, as a working professional with disposable income and other things going on in life, I have absolutely no qualms buying keys for decks. Unlocking cards for just one deck is completely mind-numbing.

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