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There isn’t much to say, so I’ll make this quick. Remember the rumored promo unlocks for Duels? They’re universal codes.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the Duels 2013 promotional cards, you can start right now.

Just follow the instructions below and you’ll unlock new cards for every core deck in Duels 2013. This has already been confirmed to work on all systems, including PC and iPad!


How to get ten free promo unlocks

Navigate to player stats, click on the promotions, then choose Enter Code. Enter code WMKFGC in the player stats area, which will unlock one card for each of the existing core decks:

Thanks to Link on GameFAQS!


Ten more free promo unlocks!

Our commenter Leo has just hooked us up with another free ten cards. Just follow the instructions above but input code KWPMZW. You’ll unlock the following cards:

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  1. HEY MAN

    THANKS!!!! for the codes

    Do you mind if i send over a decklist for you to review? im having a hard time optimizing my ajani’s build

  2. Thanks for the code wingspantt.

    On a completely unrelated topic, do you know why the foil upgrades or deck unlocks aren’t avaliable on steam? It is a real tiring process trying to unlock every single card 1 by 1.

  3. This saves one approixmately 2 hours of game time, if playing standard player matches. But Flawless, delicious, heart pounding Victories are why we play this game so much anyway!

  4. Thanks man!!! Currently playing with Crosswinds with ur control version… Droping Bribery bomb makes me feel like I’m cheating…

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that Celestial Light’s unlocks kind of suck? I mean, sure, taking out another scary creature or having another Soul Warden is great, especially in Planechase when everyone’s just spamming their respective Sun’s Zeniths with X = 20 or greater and you have two of both Soul Warden and Ajani’s Pridemate, but it feels kind of underpowered compared to the cool stuff other decks are getting.

    • Yeah, and Recumbent Bliss sucks as well. It’ll be getting another Baneslayer Angel and Marshall’s Anthem soon, though.

      • well ajani got the short stick so far, but outa the 10 promo cards theres a serra avatar another baneslayer and marshal’s anthem to name the nice ones from my PoV
        Theres also a second white suns zenith and a to a less exiting PoV another archon of redemption.

        So yeah its posible the next two codes will suck as well but the last five then are sweet.

    • This one gave me:
      Dawn Elemental
      Spirit Mantle
      Decree of Savagery
      Time Stretch
      Serra Ascendant
      Incremental Growth
      Sands of Delirium
      Goblin Chieftain
      Nantuko Shade

  6. New code off the comunity at wizards.com aparently some russian geneticist got it by using a computer to fish for codes instead of computing dna sequences :p


  7. One of the codes isn’t working for me on ps3 version. I have dream puppets fully unlocked with 30/30 before these codes and I now have 39/39 unlocked… isn’t 30+10=40???? I have gone through all 10 codes several times and it keeps saying they are all no longer valid. Can someone help me?

  8. Hey wingspan or anyone, if you put in the ten promo codes for the core decks will you get the promo cards for the dlc decks when they come out?

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