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If you’re looking for the most entertaining, high-stakes Super Street Fighter 4 matches outside on Xbox Live, you could comb through millions of them by hand. Or you could check out YogaFlame24. The dude’s just finished uploading his 3000th video, which features the same crème de la crème fighting footage he posts on a daily basis.

You’ll find some incredible bouts, including Yeb’s jaw-dropping Gen play and multiple gut-wrenching comebacks.

If you like what you see, head to YogaFlame24’s YouTube channel and subscribe today!



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  1. 3000? Already? Jesus….Hey Wing, have you ever appeared in one of his videos?

    Ps: as much as I like his versus videos, nothing beats those old comebacks clips he used to do! They were awesome!

    Ps2: love your site and YouTube chanel man! You have a fantastic sense of humor (the random/weird/smart stuff you say on your Duels videos crack me up every time!)

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