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As a career Spy, I can’t say I condone the strategy and insight contained in the following video. In fact, this Engineering Guide is basically the antithesis of everything I stand for. But as a gentleman and a devout follower of Artemis, I’d be remiss to hunt only the weakest quarry. After all, there’s even more satisfaction in backstabbing an Engineer who thought he had learned enough to outwit me. So go ahead, you Texas weiners! Watch the so-called “Engineer Bible,” a 50-minute tutorial of support class strategy. In the long run, you’ll need it.

Because I’ll always be right behind you.

Thanks to Problem (AKA Xriloku, KnowProblem) for submitting this marvelous video!


Description from the producers

AIMING: 1:20
Sentry: 2:49
Teleporter: 6:10
Dispenser: 7:53
Shotgun: 8:47
Pistol: 9:10
Wrench: 9:50
Frontier Justice: 10:40
Wrangler: 11:27
Gunslinger: 12:56
Southern Hospitality: 15:04
Jag: 15:52
Widowmaker: 16:26
Short Circuit: 17:16
Pomson 6000: 19:02
Eureka Effect: 20:13
Scout: 24:48
Soldier: 25:35
Pyro: 26:30
Demoman: 27:29
Heavy: 29:15
Engineer: 30:19
Medic: 31:14
Sniper: 34:30
Spy: 35:09
Offense: 39:03
Defense: 40:56
Roaming: 44:27
CREDITS: 46:27


Knights of Cydonia [Engie Apostles Mix] – Muse: 00:00
Mesa Madness – Egg Plant Productions: 0:47
The Shootist – Bill Elm & Woody Jackson: 2:45
Slinger’s Song – Darren Korb: 4:30
Death Valley – Egg Plant Productions: 6:06
Red Dead Redemption (Theme From) – Bill Elm & Woody Jackson:7:52
El Club De Los Cuerpos – Bill Elm & Woody Jackson: 8:46
Wild Wooly West – Egg Plant Productions: 12:57
Ecstasy of Gold [Bandini Mix] – Ennio Morricone: 16:24
For a Few Dollars More – Ennio Morricone: 19:01
Showdown at Escalera – Bill Elm & Woody Jackson: 21:24
The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash: 24:00
Doginabag – The Fratellis: 27:51
Same Ol’ – The Heavy: 30:19
The Outlaw’s Return – Bill Elm & Woody Jackson: 34:30
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Ennio Morricone: 39:03
The Trio – Ennio Morricone: 41:27
Mind’s Eye – Josh Ritter: 46:27

Links included in the video:

The Engineer Apostles Group Page:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/engineerapostles
The Engineer Apostles Tumblr Page:http://engineerapostles.tumblr.com/
Adjusting Your Sensitivity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHnrrb3zLLw
Air Control: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0IbpHr-rfA
TR_Walkway Download:http://gamebanana.com/maps/download/107794
Jump Map Download:http://gamebanana.com/tf2/maps/download/122990
Sentry Jumping Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgNI36HPTY0
HUD Used: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/frankenhud

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