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While this video isn’t exactly new, it’s a must watch for everyone new to Battlefield Bad Company 2.  Hell, it’s a must watch for everyone on my team who refuses to do anything other than crash vehicles into mountains.

With precise instruction and just the right amount of sarcasm (a lot), PixelEnemy delineates a grocery list of skills necessary for success, from the seemingly obvious to the “holy hell, why didn’t I think of that?”

Good games don’t give you killstreak bonuses.

While PixelEnemy doesn’t normally host a large number of strategy videos, the channel is definitely home to everything from the newsworthy to the humorous. And I may or may not have been a guest on one of their shows. Just sayin’.

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  1. Although I’m a veteran of the old Battlefield games, this was a nice little refresher course that tells me how things roll nowadays.

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