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If I had to guess, I’d say the average PC gamer has anywhere between thirty and three hundred games in his or her library. It’s not a matter of greed, really… it’s just that Steam sales are so good it’s impossible to play through even budget-priced titles faster than you can buy them.

Personally, I’ve accumulated only 85 or so titles… a little under a hundred if you count all the add-ons, DLC packs, and mods. I always told myself I’d play them, but every time I jumped into my library, it was just easier to play something comfortable and familiar.

Well, no more! I’ve decided that I’m going to play every game in my Steam library – one week at a time until I’ve caught up. Given there’s only 52 weeks in a year and there’s a pretty good likelihood I’ll buy more games at some point in the future, I may never reach the end of the rainbow. But hey, you gotta hold out hope for something, right?

Last week, I asked my fans to vote on what title would be my inaugural foray into this insane Steam Backlog Adventure. And, when the votes were counted, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition won by a wide margin. I’d read some Dark Souls tips a long time ago, but I still wasn’t nearly prepared for what awaited me.

And, in case you missed the original Steam Backlog Adventure explanation, here you go:

Now, I’m ready to take on whatever crazy title my viewers want to pick out for next week…

So what will it be?


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  1. Hey Wing, just wanted to say, your videos keep geeting “awesomer” regardless of what you do in them is it play, is it rant about something, it’s always funny and I enjoy them a lot, as I enjoyed this one which got me laughing a lot when you were raging xD!

    I vote Bastion! (Although Dark Souls seems to pull some rage out of you!)

  2. Yeah I noticed, it was even annoying me because I was trying to look for doors, passages and stuff even paused the video and it still didn’t make sense. xD Good stuff!!!

  3. Seems that a lot of people want you to keep playing Dark Souls, which would be good. If you want to keep on with your original plan though then where should suggestions be left, on the video itself, or in the topics on this site?

    Anyways, I’d heartily recommend Bastion. It’s not a super long game, but quite enjoyable. I do have to admit though that if you’re commentating then the narrator might get in the way a bit.

  4. Hey Wingspan, I’m new to your site (I found it through a Google search looking for deck tips for DoTP 13) and I don’t know anything about Dark Souls, but that video is entertaining and funny as hell. Good stuff. I’ll definitely check out your site regularly.

    Your DoTP articles are great, too.

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