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it be all clash of the mothafuckin' titans in this bitch

Game Over

The throw-down’s done
Here’s the low-down, son
Though many tried out
(I lied, ouch)
But it was still fun
Watching puns and slant rhymes
Filling line after line
Talkin’ shit about headshots
And meatshots and deep thoughts
With tactical genius the winner between this
Pretentious group of wannabe’s
About to be crowned, see?

Well, considering there are 3 prizes to give out and there were only 3 entrants to the DJ Hero Rap Battle, everyone’s a winner!

The only question is: which lucky lyricist takes first place?

First Prize: SergeEXE

SergeEXE takes first prize with his tactically-focused lyrics, tight meter, and overall variety and cohesive poetry.

Favorite lines:
“I annihilate Bronze League
Conquer Silver and Gold,
Platinum calls my skillz OP
Diamond players just fold”

SergeEXE wins a copy of DJ Hero for Xbox 360!

Second Prize: DJ Edgar Allen Pwn

DJ EAP won a lot of bonus points for having by far the best handle. His rhymes were fun but ultimately ran a tad uneven to merit the gold prize.

Favorite line:
“But when it all comes down to the wire
counter-strike is the game that makes me perspire
Lobbing flash grenades into doorways is a good barometer
To see how loud 12 year olds can scream into their monitors”

DJ Edgar Allen Pwn wins a copy of Rock Band AC/DC for Xbox 360!

Third Prize: kyle

Kyle was the first entrant to the rap battle, and although his lines weren’t terrible, they were fairly off-topic. Still, bronze is nothing to scoff at!

Favorite lines:
“im gonna end this rap with a final verse
and im out of shit to say so its gonna be the worst
but this rap needs to be twenty lines
oh look this is 21, just in time”

Kyle wins a copy of Audiosurf for Steam (PC)!

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