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Like Ajani’s previous deck in Duels of the Planeswalkers, Celestial Light, Guardians of Light promises to be a midrange deck which neither wins in the first three turns nor is eaten alive by decks that do. Also like that, it relies on quirky strategies that are usually dismissed as new player sins to win, and I think that’s a deck niche mono white fits perfectly.

No, there aren’t any mono white human decks out there which win by turn 3, what do you mean?

Guardians of Light definitely can compete with most other decks on a higher level, though it doesn’t build or play itself like certain other decks which do not exist. Due to Auras’ inherent problems, it must be played very carefully to avoid giving the enemy card advantage too easily. This is not an aggro deck; Its creatures are simply too weak without buffs which take forever to pile onto them. Instead, Guardians of Light tries simply to outlast its enemy through good defense, pacification, card draw, and lots of tokens.

Deck Overview: Better living through science magic!

As with about any other Aura deck out there, Guardians has about the same strengths and weaknesses. A single unchecked creature can wreak massive havoc even if it was just a measly 2/2 the last time the opponent looked at it, but at the same time, burn will eat it alive, as will certain removal spam decks.

Unless played right to avoid that, it’s easy to be drawn into massive card disadvantage. Since all the tasty hexproof guys left the deck by the time that Blue did (why, Wizards, why?) it can be extremely tough to get an Aura stuck somewhere. Sure you’ll be dandy once you do, but since so many cards in the deck are enchantments, I occasionally found myself getting creature-screwed. Why, is that not an ironic death. Five Auras on hand, nothing to enchant.

Being a white deck, it does the usual assortment of weenies, gaining life, and pulling victories it doesn’t deserve literally right out of its arse. Remember how often you wanted to slap the AI in DotP13 because of that OP Pacifism? Yeah, that’s basically how you’ll feel the entire time whilst playing against Guardians of Light.

General strategy: “Screw physics, you have magic!”*

More than any other type of deck, I think Auras depend on personal skill, of both you and your opponent. Certainly you can toss all your auras onto one creature just because you can, but what cost will you pay if it gets removed? Playing it right isn’t just a question of building and drawing the right things; You have to know which Auras will put the most pressure onto your opponent at any given time, play them and only them to minimise how screwed you’ll be once the opponent responds (and she will respond), and prevent your opponent from killing you in the process.

The creatures this deck sports are all pathetic and need buffs to hold their own in combat, but stacking all your baskets around one egg won’t get you anywhere either, except into staring down a field of angry things with only a 0/2 on your side. Knowing what aura to play on what can make all the difference between getting pwned or not. Unfortunately, that is a matter of experience and reading the cards right. Hey, I never said I’d play the deck for you, alright?

Guardians of Light deck list (by mana cost)**

60 cards, 25 Plains


  • 1 Lifelink


  • 4 Kor Spiritdancer
  • 3 Ajani’s Sunstriker
  • 2 Daybreak Coronet
  • 2 Spirit Mantle
  • 4 Pacifism
  • 1 Greater Auramancy


  • 2 Skyhunter Skirmisher
  • 2 Mesa Enchantress
  • 1 Pariah
  • 1 Griffin Guide
  • 1 Unquestioned Authority


  • 1 Dawn Elemental
  • 1 Ajani’s Chosen
  • 2 Angelic Destiny
  • 4 Armoured Ascension
  • 1 Retether


  • 1 Sigil of the Empty Throne


  • 1 Auratouched Mage


Guardians of Light card-by-card analysis

Lifelink: 3.0

It gives Lifelink, that’s what it is and that’s what it does. It is surprising to see exactly how much a bit of lifegain stacked onto your attacker can swing the odds in your favour. Also, it’s an Aura for one mana, so at least it will grow Spiritdancers and cycle for some new cards.

Kor Spiritdancer: 5.0

Clearly the deck’s top star. It laughs in the face of Aura’s inherent card disadvantage whether or not they resolve and even a cheap Lifelink will turn it into a monster in combat. That being said, don’t stack all of your Auras onto this card; Every player can see the target on its forehead.

Ajani’s Sunstriker: 3.0

Strictily worse than Knight of- oh shut up. It’s an eh card by itself, but you don’t have much choice as for enchantable bodies and when it does have, say, an Angelic Destiny on it, its natural Lifelink will go a great deal towards keeping you alive.

Daybreak Coronet: 5.0

Feeling weak? Take a +3 boost to power! If you’re having difficulty keeping up with it, the package includes +3 toughness! You cannot buy this in stores! Only our purely natural mixture will refresh your body, allowing you to stay alive through the blood of your ene- no no no, white lifelink, totally different thing. On top of that, awe your friends and crush your enemies through the unique power of First Strike! But wait there’s more! If you order now, I’ll throw in Vigilance, absolutely free! All of that for only two white mana plus another Aura. Ask about our two turn rate payments!

Blade of the Sixth Pride: 2.5

It’s really revolutionary, or at least it was in its first printing. Cat Rebel, offensive P/T, and of course full art. If it was that, I might play it. As is, it won’t do anything until it’s heavily enchanted, if it lives that long and doesn’t get killed in response to the aura. You can make it a handy 4/4 with Divine Favour, but that’s not the greatest card either and it’s hard to see why you should bother when the same effort with a Sunstriker will get you a 3/5 Lifelink.

Greater Auramancy: 3.5

I’ll say just one word: Yes please. The two words I’ll say are: Yes please give now. Alright, the four words… anyhow, it’s great. It prevents you from casting additional Auras onto the same target, but drastically narrows your opponent’s window to remove your creatures.

Spirit Mantle: 4.0

I’ll say five words, just five words: Protection from creatures equals unblockability. Plus being an invincible blocker. Also with the added bonus of giving Fiend Hunters the finger, which I think we can agree is a good thing.

Divine Favour: 3.0

Would be in, if there wouldn’t need be a spot for Greater Auramancy. Still, it makes any one of your dudes practically immune to burn, gives a decent patch of life, and counts as an Aura. Decent to have although boring. If you’re Tier C, might as well make the game fun while you’re at it.

Pacifism: 4.0

The only nonland permanents in DotP14 that really matter are creatures, and creatures usually matter because they attack or block. This provides an answer to most of them without actually killing them, though abilities will remain. At worst, you negate an opposing creature and draw another card in the process.

Serra’s Boon: 2.5

It seems to be either a very expensive buff or an expensive, very weak removal. Not to mention that it’s tied to colour, so it will often end up buffing your opponent’s creature since 103% of people online seem to be playing white.

Guardian’s Magemark: 1.5

Somehow, I can’t help but imagine the “X’s Magemark” cycle as a clique of children, say, the South Park kids. In that metaphor, Guardian’s Magemark would be Timmy, the special needs kid. It missed the call that it’s supposed to give a decent keyword and ends up with only a minor buff. Instant speed is great and all, but it’s very unlikely to actually change anything.

Mesa Enchantress: 3.5

It’s far, far away from being Spiritdancer 5 and 6. Despite that, getting your card draw up is essential and the more draw effects you can stack up, the better. This also stands a better chance at being ignored since it’s only a 0/2. Still, isn’t there, like, a version of it which has shroud? And only costs one mana? Can we have that, please?

Skyhunter Skirmisher: 4.0

It is indeed a 1/1 for three mana. It also has Flying and Double Strike, so it’s rather a 2/1 that deals half its damage in first strike. With even a Divine Favour as a pump, it becomes a serious facewrecker. Now imagine this thing donned with a Celestial Mantle. Glorious.

Staff of the Sun Magus: 1.0

Somehow worse even than its predecessors in the Lucky Charms cycles. I’m actually impressed, I didn’t think the scale went any further below terrible.

Idyllic Tutor: 2.0

Great for fetching out the exact card you need in every situation. Though, I have a solution that will also help out your odds of drawing that aura, for no mana at all? Which one, you ask? Not running this tutor in the first place! Alright, it can fetch enchantments that aren’t auras, but that’s about it for usefulness. You should have enough draw engines not to need it.

Pariah: 4.0

Become immortal through some damage prevention, or murder your opponent’s creature with the added benefit of preventing at least a full turn’s damage. What’s not to like? Keep in mind though that it can be destroyed. Also, it has the hidden text passage, “When enchanted creature dies, if its power is 6 or more, you may say ‘Stop hitting yourself!’ If you don’t, you lose the game.”

Aura of Silence: 2.0

What do you intend to stop with that? A few Staves? Right now, this card is completely unnecessary through the lack of decent noncreature permanents in DotP14.

Griffin Guide: 3.5

Eh. It gives a decent pump and allows your dude to go unblocked against most of the game’s creatures. Perhaps most importantly, it gives you a replacement body to enchant in case things go poorly. I just don’t like it very much, because I find it boring flavour-wise. Decent either way.

Nomad Mythmaker: 2.5

Seems really strong, but isn’t. It’s fit for situations that will rarely occur and which will even then be very hard for you to survive. Besides, even if you had him in such a situation, do you think your opponent would let him live?

Unquestioned Authority: 3.5

Costs more than Spirit Mantle, but at least it’s Spirit Mantle number 3. Not that it really mattered since you’ll only start enchanting turn 3 and onwards, anyway. When you’ve got an unblockable invincible dude (preferably with a Coronet on top), does it really matter if it gets +1/+1, anyway? Every protecting enchantment matters, as does card draws.

Auramancer: 3.0

Better than the Mythmaker, at least. Still its effect has a very high chance of whiffing, leaving you with an overcosted 2/2.

Dawn Elemental: 4.0

Granted, there are ways that most decks can deal with it. Alarmingly many, actually. Still, when it isn’t getting Last Gasped, bounced, Doom Bladed, sacrificed, or hit with any of the other ways which Zombies have to be a dick to people by killing their creatures, it serves as an infinite blocker. I wouldn’t advise swinging with it though unless it has Vigilance, since 3 damage are rarely worth giving up an immortal shield.

Seraph of the Sword: 3.0

Yeah, preventing combat damage is mostly what makes Dawn Elemental good, hence the rating, but this will die rather fast to red decks and Zombies that can’t find their Doom Blades… or Mutilates… or Fleshbag Marauders… tell me, why exactly is that deck considered fun and balanced again?

Ajani’s Chosen: 3.5

It’s a kitty. That makes kitties. In that, it’s more biologically accurate than 99% of Magic’s other cards. You won’t need the aura-switching effect too often unless it’s the only creature on the board, but it’s better than not having it, I suppose. Unless you have Vigilance on the board, you’ll be hurting for blockers when you want your enchanted dude to be swinging in. Not any more.

Healer of the Pride: 1.5

Soul Warden is great, and I might put it into this deck. This is already on the top of your curve and doesn’t trigger off of your opponent’s creatures, so it’s no more than a waste of your bloody time.

Angelic Destiny: 5.0

“The difference between Scute Mob and Angelic Destiny is that I don’t want to have sex with Scute Mob.” ~Yours truly WingspanTT.

Divine Transformation: 1.0

Look up. Look down. Those are your options. Why, Wizards, why?

Armoured Ascension: 4.5

By the time that you can cast it, it already gives +4/+4 and only grows, with flying to boot. Compared to Angelic Destiny, the First Strike rarely matters if it can be replaced with a huge size. Disappointing, coming to think of it, when everyone wants to be had sex with by Angelic Destiny. Seriously though, this thing ends games, even on a bloody Mesa Enchantress. It’s that good.

Seasoned Marshal: 2.5

Why is this included when the strictly better Master of Diversion is in the same game? I have no idea. Its effect is powerful, but too little to warrant four mana in a non-limited environment.

Retether: 3.0

Okay, it’s not solid salvation on butter toast. Still, when the game has dragged on for longer than you’d like and you have some Auras in the grave, a reasonable thought because 90% of them will end up there within a single turn of being played, this allows for a nice turnaround. Think of it as an instant Eldrazi kit. When your graveyard is stocked with Auras, your dude will certainly end up being about that size.

Indestructibility: 2.0

Too many ways in this game to circumvent it, too few copies.

Three Dreams: 3.0

Will keep you stocked for a little while, but also gives a huge tell to your opponent to kill the one creature you’ll have on the field. When you’ll often miss the mana to actually use the auras, not worth it.

Sigil of the Empty Throne: 4.5

Like Ajani’s Chosen, except that it poops out 4/4 flying angels instead of mere 2/2 kitties. Even a single angel can be enough to turn the game around, so don’t dismiss it due to lack of Auras in the late game. Funnily enough, this card would actually be much better if it had the Aura moving clause of Ajani’s Chosen. Ah, vogliamo che non abbiamo. Bonus irony points if you stick Angelic Destiny onto one of its tokens.

Totem-Guide Heartebeest: 2.5

Strong body, decent effect, high cost, actually rather meh effect. Usually, you don’t want to have your creature sitting around for a turn to let your opponent keep open mana for instant speed removal because they know what’s coming!

Dawnstrike Paladin: 3.0

Needs heavy enchantment support to even dare attacking. If you stick an Ascension or Destiny onto it, you can pretend it’s a Seraph of Dawn and actually have it do some work. Then again, everything does work with one of those two enchantments on it.

Evangelise: 2.0

Waste of mana, whether or not you pay the Buyback. In the time it’ll take you to get through to the useful creatures, they will already have killed you.

Auratouched Mage: 3.5

Ah, those born with the special gift, of seeing not the pained illusion which we call reality but the world as it truly is. Flowing, unsteady… palpable. Last time I checked, one draw’s worth of card advantage was worth about 2-3 mana, so it’s definitely resonable not only to draw but to tutor for an Aura on a 2/2 for six mana. Oh yeah, you also get to skip the Aura’s cost. Seems weak, really isn’t.

Admonition Angel: 2.5

Her effect is strong, but how high are your odds of drawing 7+ lands within a reasonable timespan? I’ll tell you, not very high, especially if you want to live to play her.

Celestial Mantle: 3.0

This plus Skyhunter Skirmisher. Think about it. Even if your dude only strikes once, this gives immense lifegain at all but the lowest of life totals. Also comes with a pump to ensure that it’s worth it. If said dude happened to be a lifelinked dude, then that dude will give you the life from its strike before the doubling effect occurs. In other words, a Sunstriker will add at least 10 life to whatever is double what you already have. Of course, assuming that you can make your dude hit. While its effects can be spectacular, its rare that it will really swing the game around by itself.

Purity: 2.5

The one deck in the game where this would really come into effect doesn’t need further hosing, it needs life support. Thus, you’ll be playing an overcosted 6/6 flier. Not very useful, though it has the funny effect of making Tendrils of Corruption give each player those X life. Assuming that it isn’t aimed at Purity itself, of course.

True Conviction: 2.5

This is not the deck to have out a lot of creatures, so if you have any left by the time you play this, you probably won’t even need it.

Final Judgment: 2.0

Look, if you want a board wipe, play Dodge and Burn. Exiling is useful, but it’s simply too expensive to be of any use against decks that demand you wipe.


* If you’re curious, this is a 1:1 quote by myself. Splitting aMid the Night, chapter 18. Yes, I’m that pretentious not only to quote myself, but to do it on somebody else’s page. You know how much more pretentious I am? So much to tell you that you can find the whole thing with this link if you’re interested.

** Build itself provided by Evil Mee, so go bash her if you dislike it. Yay for slavery! I tested it though of course and it can definitely hold its own.

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  1. Yay you read what I posted on the Eldrazi deck or is this what you came up with too? I did say they would probably be the same build but I didn’t expect card for card. Awesome anyway =) seems to work right? Sure a few cards are definitely getting replaced as promo’s come out but for now that’s all we’ve got.

    • Hey, I’m a huge fan of the Guardian of the Light deck and would really love it if you could write your fully updated deck with all the promo’s, I’m sure everyone who’s a fan of the deck would massively appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

      PS: if you’ve already updated the deck with all the promo’s I’m sorry for wasting your time.

  2. Pretty good, but I must disagree with a couple cards.

    Mesa Enchantress: I think she is exactly what this deck needs. Get two of her and/or Kor Spiritdancer out and you are almost guaranteed card advantage over your opponent for the rest of the game. I find it also frees up space in the deck by giving you so much draw power negating the need to tutor things up.

    Indesructibility: I find this card horribly overrated and over costed. Giving something Indestructible is not nearly as great as it seems. You can still make them sack it, kill it wit -1-1 counters, exile it, slap a pacifism like enchantment on it or bounce the creature, all of which are in this format. Way too risky for four mana considering it doesn’t even give you any counters.(besides on Kor Poledancer).

    • Maybe you’re right, at least the Mesa Enchantress shouldn’t be as big of a target but I just can’t find the justification for her when you have 3 Kor Spirit dancers which do more for less. Oh also about negating the need to tutor things up, playing as Azorius in 2013 I’ve always said to myself if I’m not getting enchantments I’m not playing the deck right so I see what you mean.

      As for Indestructibility it’s a nice card still, I wouldn’t say it’s great but it does have its uses. Also those weakness of indestructibility (and a lot of them) don’t they apply to pretty much all auras in this deck? I guess it’s just a risk you play when using an enchantment deck.

      2 CMC to give all enchantments and enchanted creatures you control shroud (OP hexproof preferred)… Yeah can’t wait for promo unlocks already. Should deal with my problem with this deck running out of useful cards.

      Thanks for your insight.

      • I run all the Messas and all the Dancers, drawing cards for days. And you’re completely right about those weaknesses applying to all Auras. I just find other Auras either cost much less or have a bigger upswing so it makes me feel they are safer to play or that they add more to the battlefield than Indestrucibilty.

      • I’m not saying that there are no ways to get rid of something indestructible. However, 90% of creature deaths are caused by destroy or lethal damage, so at least it gives it some staying power until your opponent draws into her few removal which actually can get rid of it, if they have any.

  3. Here is a question for everybody.

    Which is worse Dragons or Dimir?

    And can/will they be fixed by promo cards in the future?

    • I’m currently writing an unofficial guide for Dimir mostly to show Toraka :D Almost finished, you’re welcome to check it out but I don’t know what TTT will think.

      I’m a fan of the lesser used decks (I hate Jace/Avacyn) I want to make them worthy decks. I loved Dragons at first but it starts out way too slow imo, Dimir also but with different end results. Dragons fly over and smash whilst Dimir hides from the shadows and dominates.

      Dimir is currently my favourite of the 10 so far and I believe can it compete quite well. Even destroying Jace/Avacyn with a “sometimes” included there.

      • Woo, other people doing my work for me! And I’m cashing in on the money for it!
        Did I just reinvent slavery?

        I’m not entirely idle though (y’know, TTT is 2/3 WingspanTT and 1/3 Toraka) as I am currently working on a decent build for Garruk’s deck. Slow work, though. Sooo sucky!

      • Haha yeah, I really don’t mind (cough up the money) =) I quite enjoy it. I would like to do them all myself one day… maybe. But I’m not a very good writer nor have I played outside DotP so I lack certain knowledge which I’ll leave to the pro’s ;) But that doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Heck I’d even do the missed out decks from 2013 or take different spins on some decks i.e the Eldrazi greenies.

        I’m also planning to record a video from 2013 of one of the most deadly combos for 2HG (In my opinion of course) which CAN and HAS won in 4 turns with just 3 cards and without a single creature down. I’ll do that while I leave Garruk for you lmao :D

  4. Yay finished it Toraka, BlackoutTuna and others. My review of Dimir in the style above. Sorry for any grammar, spelling mistakes and amount of parts.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

    Please Note:
    ***This is just one persons views and opinions on the deck in the guide style of Top Tier Tactics, this is NOT an official guide and should not be taken seriously.***

    You guys can use any of it/change it or remove it if you wish. Enjoy =)

    • Sorry Mee I don’t agree wth your decklist.

      Thought Scour is actually really strong. One mana at instant speed it lets you cycle a card to help nail land drops, The inclusion of this card means I can take 2 land draws with Dmir.

      And the 1/1 flier is very good – the turn 3 evasion attack sits nicely with the cipher cards, and it can save you some critical HP early by chumping without losing cards.

    • How has your success rate been with your build? Personally I like to run all the rats and take out the late game fatties and double up on Lobotomy among some other changes.

      • To BlackoutTuna: Pretty good so far, it’s not the fastest of decks but it can keep up with them (not in terms of speed). Haven’t tried it outside 1v1 (except one 4 way FFA which I would have won if I didn’t get 3v1’d for being so OP >.<) but I can imagine it's not bad at 2HG. Yeah, about those fatties that's why I mentioned a bit in brackets for them being swapped out, probably will with a few promos. Cards I would recommend putting in if you take a few out (even Archaeomancer) would probably be a Guildmage, Evil Twin, maybe even a sleep. I think 1 Lobotomy should be enough though, half the time I don't get to cast it and I may be underestimating Fool's Demise triggering your ETB/LTB effects and keeping your guy alive.

        To Alecw: Maybe you are right and I'm missing a point somewhere but to me they only seem like a card to give you another card you could already have, similar to the rats (against your opponents instead of self gain) which don't particularly do what you want from the deck if you focus on the strategy. You will probably want to be in control before you start ciphering a small flying 1/1s get rid of their cards first, by then you've got a few Moroii's. Just opinions thought nothing forced, interesting thoughs, thanks.

        Just had a funny game playing as random. Eldrazi vs Liliana. T:2 explore, T:3 piper *doomblade*, T4 Gladehart, T5 Titan *doomblade*, T6 Ulamogs crusher *cruel revival*, T7 Ulamogs pathrazer *cruel revival*, T8 all is dust + piper, T9 search for eldrazi and place with piper and recover… That game was full of OUCH.

        On another note Chandra SUCKS against Guardians of Light so long as a single creature lives a turn to be enchanted.

      • Hm

        1) Lol OUCH. Tough one. Zombies vs Ramp is a pretty good matchup, very even and full of close shaves. Basically as soon as I suspect they are playing Ramp, I plan all my moves offensively to slip in every point of damage before he slows the board with chumps – ie instead of tapping out for a creature on turn 2, Tutoring for a zombielord for more damage the turn after – a solid play against ONLY that deck since you know your opponent has zero removal.

        2) Molrois are on turn 4, you need something to stop you from losing tempo completely against the aggro decks the first 3 turns. Avacyn can KILL you before you even cast a Molroi – and then the bloody thing stings you in the ass just for using it.

        3) The reason you are finding Flamewave struggling against Guardians is simple – Flamewave is a shit tier 3 deck, and Guardians is the 3rd best deck in the game :)

      • But that’s because Avacyn and Jace are just outright B****’s. A 1/1 flying with a card draw isn’t quite intimidating enough to stop their aggro, don’t be afraid to sac a guildmage to slow them down either or even an early last gasp would be better options for turn 2 imo. Turn 3 chittering rats isn’t that bad… or just go straight for the discard less options on cards to play can stall too or another 2 drop maybe, the deck doesn’t really give the best options, oh well. Give it a couple tries, if the start works out and you can get moroii at turn 4 another discard at 5 maybe you may still be taking a bit of damage but things do take a turn fast at turn 4+. You’re right about moroii biting you in the ass, infact most games I’ve had so far moroii has almost killed me, but, 9/10 he has changed the game for me. If they run out of cards in hand and you regain control of the field unless they top deck something awesome (damn you geist-honored monk) you should have most games. Managed to beat an Avacyn only taking 2 damage before… Hope this helps even though it’s mostly personal experiences and opinions.

        As for Chandra I kinda meant playing as Guardians of Light but she’s not that bad, I’m not struggling too much so far but against Guardians if something gets enchanted you may as well give up unless you’re about to win.

        Chandra is actually pretty decent in 2HG from what I saw. Paired with Jace for example she makes his aggro much more nasty with her “burn the path down” feel and doubling damage with a furnace (2nd one in promo whoop!) and sulfuric vortex’s, life just drops before you can blink.

      • Hm maybe I’ll try the discard-less Dmir build, interesting idea. My current build aims to empty their hand by turn 4 at the latest. Unfortunately since the bloody deck has NO removal despite being black, I then die to whatever he cast by then :(

        I still commit to the fact that Flamewave is the worst deck this year for 1v1. 2HG is an entirely different ball game – it probably works great as a support deck with those enchants and burn.

        You know what’s actually not too bad? Dracomancer. It’s not tier 1, but built VERY carefully it’s totally viable and fun. Nothing like slamming someone for 18 flying haste damage the turn before you die to Eldrazis.

    • It is capitalism that I do only a tiny fraction of the work and get all the money for it?

      My, what an unintentionally sarcastic statement, especially considering how much my country likes managers getting too much money for not doing anything.

    • Eyup. Simple as that; If you’re building the deck, which I remind you is the purpose of this guide, you can look up what all of the cards do there. Not to mention that some of them don’t even exist yet. I could spend ages (10 seconds a card do add up) linking everything, or I could assume that people know the cards and don’t need a Gatherer link to the same card that they’ve seen ingame.

      Besides, who needs Gatherer when she has her own memory to serve the same job?

  5. “It’s also a nice test for player experience; If you think this card is more than meh, you are not a very experienced player.”

    What’s with these generalised insults you keep randomly dropping into discussions? What were you trying to achieve with this sentence?

    • Not what (how do I phrase this without sounding like another insult) you seem to see in it.
      It is just that – a card that seems great, after all, it gives one of your things +1/+3, plus 3 life for you, all for just two mana!

      Without generalising into player skill, the more experienced player will know more cards, what should be done with 2 mana, and also know about things like card advantage that make this card meh.

      But fine, I’ll rephrase it to be less potentially offensive for those it appears to target.

  6. I haven’t even looked at the card, I’m just talking about your communication skills. You could easily have made your point without actively insulting your audience, you did similar stuff in the comments of the Mul Daya guide.

    It’s hard to take someone who is supposed to be producing professional content seriously when they come off with an attitude more like a forum troll.

  7. Great decklist, thanks for posting, it helped me out a lot, however I tend to agree with some previously posted messages about some cards.

    – I think the Mesa enchanteresses are needed too.
    Granted they’re not Dancers, but not every card can be dancers, and if I could play 6 dancers here, I would.

    – Indestructibilty would be ok if it weren’t in M2014.
    Because Avacyn will exile it, Jace bump it or tap it, Liliana will sacrifice it, Mul Daya will annihilate it, Dimir will -3/-3 it or bump it, and so on. So yeah, it kinda sucks.

    – Nomad Mythmaker is far from being so good. Basically, if you played him turn 3, you would be able to profit from his ability, say, turn 5 or 6 in the best case. Even then that means you would attach the late aura on himself, which means you’ll profit from this on turn 6 or 7. That implies you wouldn’t use him to block either..
    Even late game, when your grave is full of auras, it would take 2 turns for him to actually do something. So basically, most of the time he’s a 2/2 for 3.
    Wouldn’t the “2.0 out of 5” enchantresses net you a better and faster card advantage for the same cost ?

    Same thing for Retether, seems good on paper, but most of the time, you either won’t have any auras in the grave, or any remaining creatures on the field to actually play this.

    – Deck lacks decent creatures. Yours runs 15, for 19 spells. That means overall turn 1/2/3 with 1 or 2 creatures for 3 or maybe 4 auras. Given the heavy removal environment in 2014, we need to play more creatures, so why pass on things like the 2 Seraph, or the Totem-Guides (which prove to be quite good after all) ?

    Oh, and why would you reasonably not include all 4 copies of Pacifism ? Because Divine Favor and Idyllic Tutor are staples ?

    • I actually agree with you on most parts, also I’ve included the Mesa’s into my new build with the promos so far. The card draw I can get now pretty insane removing my need for some of the other creatures as it’s easier for me to play cheaper creatures and enchant them. As for the Pacifism’s I thought 2 should suffice although I have tried 4, I think I have 3 included in my updated build now, maybe. My problems with them were that I had nothing to Pacify to get my card draw early on but don’t get me wrong they’re still good cards and pretty much your only bet of removing threats, just preferences. Also Nomad CAN be pretty scary in certain situations if not dealt with, however I did try take them out but felt one should be more than enough as you do need some creatures. =)

      I’ll update Toraka when he’s back (I was too busy enjoying my birthday) and see if he will make changes. =) Or I could just tell you my changes so far.

  8. Yay it’s updated =)
    My only differences by the way I have 1 Nomad for 1 Angelic Destiny for those black deck occasions and took the Auratouched out for the Mantle which are both on equal terms probably.

    The newer build with all the promos feels much stronger now with insane card draw abilities. My only problems at the moment is how much land I keep getting and I still kinda want to take out Greater Auramancy but it’s probably worth keeping, guess I may eventually put the Auratouched back in too or something.. ugh another 6 CMC and nothing else I really want. =(

    Last game I drew into 18 cards without a single enchantment… had my Kor’s and Mesa’s out too… Ultimately lost to a pro creature enchantment.

    • My thinking was that Celestial Mantle will often be only a win-more card. Sure it CAN get you out of tight spots if Zombies bumrushes you without leaving defenses (except the three Doom Blades they have ready in case you want to enchant something), but if you can get something through which has a target as big as the Mantle on it, you don’t need its effects. Spectacular possibilities, unlikely probabilities.

      • My thoughts too but there’s so much crap I don’t want in the deck. I tend to flood my hand quite a lot now though and land is rarely an issue for the card, I also manage to get quite a few creatures out too. Sometimes I actually use its high target to my advantage and plant it on a not so high target creature like a mesa instead of an enchanted kor. It is rather end game but it just does more for me than the auratouched mage does when I already have half my deck in my hand to choose from.

  9. Well, this deck is fun to play, especially in 2v2, where you don’t need your creatures, and you can still be helpful. In worst cased, you will be main target for two opponents, because they can’t let you stick too much auras on your cats. And it still has pretty d*cky combo with Dawn Elemental and Pariah, which is devastating against Eldrazi (only All is Dust can save it then), burn and samurai deck. It can be even more accurate with greater auramancy, especially after divine ascension ;)

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