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In preparation for my entry into the expensive hobby known as Magic the Gathering, WiNG was nice enough to send me a review copy of Duels 2014. While my noobish impressions will be forthcoming, for now let me simply say that I will be streaming Duels 2014 over the next week and a half. Any and all such events will be announced on Twitter, Facebook, and as an update to this post. Below find a link to the stream.

I encourage anyone to come and critique/laugh at my gameplay. The initial streams will be playtesting my Sealed deck, which WiNG helped me fine tune. I’ll be playing mostly AI, and if I’m feeling saucy, another person or two. Hopefully WiNGSPANTT — Destroyer of Worlds — or Toraka – Lord of All Things Magical — decide to jump in and show me what’s what.

Watch live video from TopTierTactics on www.twitch.tv

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  1. Hm, lovely to see another person join the insanity that is MTG. I’m looking forward to crushing your very soul (MTG player slang for “GL HF”)

    In a personal note though, I’ll just bid you remember that I’m on EDT+6 concerning time, meaning that I might be asleep before you even start. Maybe give me a heads up ahead of time, alright?

    And don’t forget, play at a reasonable pace and don’t eat the cards.

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