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Want to upgrade your Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers decks with additional, powerful cards? Promotional codes will unlock one new card for each of DOTP’s ten base decks.

While there have been multiple ways to hack promo unlocks into the game, entering them legitimately is the safest and least bannable way to get your dose of cardboard power.

Follow the instructions below to unlock your promo cards today. Please note these codes are not guaranteed to work on all systems and platforms.

Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers promo codes

  • Code 1: GKSNDR
  • Code 2: DWNNDR
  • Code 3: FTHPTH
  • Code 4: TRCKSC
  • Code 5: PRSTTT
  • Code 6: RSNGSN
  • Code 7: XBXBDZ
  • Code 8: PXPRMD
  • Code 9: MGCCTN
  • Code 10: JRHPRD

Other codes coming soon!

How to enter Duels of the Planeswalkers promo codes

  1. From the main menu, select Extras
  2. In the Extras menu, select Promotional Unlocks
  3. On the following screen, click Enter Code
  4. Enter each promotional code as shown
  5. That’s it! Your decks will be updated with new cards!

Magic 2014 promo unlock list

Avacyn’s Glory 

  1. Baneslayer Angel
  2. Path to Exile
  3. Knight of the White Orchid
  4. Sunblast Angel
  5. Dearly Departed
  6. Devout Invocation
  7. Honor of the Pure
  8. Champion of the Parish
  9. Geist-Honored Monk
  10. Increasing Devotion

Chant of Mul Daya 

  1. Avenger of Zendikar
  2. Green Sun’s Zenith
  3. Summoning Trap
  4. Harmonize
  5. It That Betrays
  6. Dramatic Entrance
  7. Primeval Titan
  8. Fierce Empath
  9. Gaea’s Revenge
  10. All is Dust


  1. Grave Titan
  2. Reanimate
  3. Undead Warchief
  4. Demon of Death’s Gate
  5. Gravespawn Sovereign
  6. Nightmare
  7. Rise of the Dark Realms
  8. Avatar of Woe
  9. Death Cloud
  10. Graveborn Muse

Enter the Dracomancer 

  1. Crucible of Fire
  2. Savage Twister
  3. Dragon Roost
  4. Explosive Vegetation
  5. Kilnmouth Dragon
  6. Dragon Broodmother
  7. Explosive Vegetation
  8. Maelstrom Pulse
  9. Archwing Dragon
  10. Sneak Attack


  1. Furnace of Rath
  2. Slith Firewalker
  3. Stormblood Berserker
  4. Relentless Assault
  5. Cyclops Gladiator
  6. Flame Wave
  7. Flameblast Dragon
  8. Browbeat
  9. Disintegrate
  10. Cone of Flame

Guardians of Light 

  1. Seraph of the Sword
  2. Angelic Destiny
  3. Kor Spiritdancer
  4. Nomad Mythmaker
  5. Daybreak Coronet
  6. True Conviction
  7. Three Dreams
  8. Armored Ascension
  9. Sigil of the New Dawn
  10. Greater Auramancy

Hunter’s Strength 

  1. Fauna Shaman
  2. Rampaging Baloths
  3. Pulse of the Tangle
  4. Protean Hulk
  5. Decree of Savagery
  6. Vigor
  7. Green Sun’s Zenith
  8. Vorapede
  9. Crush of Wurms
  10. Terastodon

Masks of the Dimir 

  1. Colossal Whale
  2. Spinal Embrace
  3. Reins of Power
  4. Shadowborn Demon
  5. Evil Twin
  6. Ghastlord of Fugue
  7. Followed Footsteps
  8. Painful Quandary
  9. Hollowborn Barghest
  10. Commandeer

Mind Maze 

  1. Sphinx of Magosi
  2. Counterspell
  3. Mirror-Mad Phantasm
  4. Mind Control
  5. Force of Will
  6. Temporal Mastery
  7. Chronozoa
  8. Cryptic Command
  9. Snapcaster Mage
  10. Time Reversal

Sliver Hive 

  1. Coat of Arms
  2. Titanic Ultimatum
  3. Megantic Sliver
  4. Thorncaster Sliver
  5. Unflinching Courage
  6. Shared Animosity
  7. Mirror Entity
  8. Inferno
  9. Faith’s Fetters
  10. Indestructibility

Source: evenfall at WOTC forums

125 replies to this post
  1. I’m playing the iPad version. Somebody tells me where “promotional unlock” is? In the EXTRA menu there are PLANESWALKER GALLERY, VIDEO GALLERY and PROMOTIONS but no PROMOTIONAL UNLOCKS. And clicking PROMOTION there appear to be many pages of advertisments, among which none can I type anything on.

  2. Those having issues on Steam, go into settings uncheck server driven content, exit and restart game, then check server driven content back on. Codes worked for me after that.

  3. The codes worked for me on the pc. What I don’t get is I only have two cards that are available to be unlocked. I don’t know what made them available or how to make more…any insight on this is welcome.

    • Each code unlocks just one card for every deck, you entered two codes thus you now have two new cards for each deck.

  4. on Xbox deck manager there are 5 new cards in each deck, I have 30/35 cards unlocked. I haven’t input any code yet. I will ese ir they unlock lime regular cards

  5. Worked for me right away (Steam PC, Sweden). I also have the iPad version and it got patched with the five first promo cards.

    Too bad Mind Maze and Avacyn, which are already the best decks, got the best cards.

    Why couldn’t Dimir get some more boost? Like a couple of Hypnotic Specters to replace those Chittering Rats. I have two Hypnotic Specters in my Dimir Sealed Deck, trolling the constructed deck every day.

  6. Thanks guys, great site. Love your deck breakdowns, they’ve been great for me as I’m just getting back into the game. Keep up the great work!

  7. Well…I came here from the WotC forums after seeing one of the promo codes was PRSTTT, figuring it might mean something related to toptiertactics….looks like I was wrong :P
    (note: GKSNDR=Geek and Sunder,, DWNNDR=Down Under (Pax AUS), TRCKSC = Tricksy, the wizards rep who released the code in an article)

    • PReSs TopTierTactics?
      Yeah, not likely.

      What might FTHPTH mean, though? FourTH PaTH? Interestingly enough, promos do unlock another Path for Tryhard’s Glory, but it’s not that one. Perhaps it’s a reference to good old Fblthp.

      Now to guessing what else they might hide in a code and thus to getting access to them prematurely. Of course, not that the codes worked ahead of time even if you did guess them, and you could just as easily be a complete donkey and just hack the game and get away with it, because customer support would cost Stainless money.

  8. I have an unrelated question. Will you host a Xbox 360 tournament? The steam tournament sounds great but sadlly I only have the Xbox version

      • How about one on PS3?

        Also I think the tourneys should be random decks. Random would be selected for every game in the set so you are not stuck with a bad match up all 3-5 games.

        If not the whole tournament will be Humans vs Illusions vs Zombies.

      • There is no way to enforce random decks without forcing everyone to record their gameplay, which is not reasonable. We could ASSIGN random decks, but people would complain.

      • I say let them complain, you are giving them free swag.
        Also how do your prevent people from refusing to admit they lost just to get the other person disqualified?

      • Thanks I will be waiting. What about sealed deck tournament? I think there will be none or very few cheats/mods on xbox live

  9. The last 3 codes dont work on PS3, anyone got them to work on PS3? Any solution to that problem guys? help please

  10. Wing I have to tell you something!
    Thanks for codes, guess what?


    Before, as some stated, Humans Vs Illusions.

    And I was really dubious a few unlocks were gonna change that.
    But Dmir, which I considered unplayable trash before (sorry but it was) is suddenly VIABLE, as it has some game ending plays to use its stalling for.

    Ramp got the consistency it craved AND IS NOW COMPETITIVE WITH THE TOP 3.

    Jace got marginally better but not like most people are saying – if you dilute the illusions horde with too many spell cards, you ruin the deck. Force of Will has no slot in Illusions beatdown.
    There are enough cards now to build a DIFFERENT illusion deck, commit heavily to the control elements and ease off the pressure. This variant is not as powerful as the beatdown, but its fun and totally viable.

    Humans got … way too much, so they’re still bullshit. But now it’s one BS deck and 7 solid decks vs only 3 playable decks. GOOD JOB Wizards/Stainless for this update.
    I for one will glady compete in the tourney now. And no i won’t be opening humans :)

    • So the lords above gave us skill to surpass those below, luck to smoothen our greedy land ratios, and angels if we just want to smash our head on the keyboard and win.

      I am probably going to be misunderstood one way or another here, but Angels are actually pretty imbalanced. Pretty much anything Garruk can do, Tryhard’s Glory can do better. It’s very easy to spot an imbalanced strategy in a game; Do it with as little other tactics involved as possible. If it’s balanced, you’ll get spanked, but if it is not, then you’ll actually succeed, with less skill involved than other strategies would demand.

      TTT deck guides will be updated soon-ish. But my personal writing!
      Maybe I can wait until all promos are out and no one will notice…

      • Hey Toraka.

        Humans are liek-tolly-ghey, I agree :)

        There is one thing that Garruk can do better than Humans – pull out a shock win from NOWHERE on turn 5-6 with a rancor + Overwhelming. Your have two bad creatures on the board, are sitting on 5 life…and suddenly swing in for 17 trample,

        But yeah, that’s the only thing. AG is the most consistent deck, with the best power plays…and almost the worst thing about it is unlike Goblins from last year…sure you can build it light and fast and FACEROLL 75% win ratio, but you can also build it really tricky and clever and eke out 90% win against the average scrub.

        Doing cute stuff with Restoration Angel and Fiend Hunter mid-combat makes you feel like a genius. But you were probably going to win anyway :(

        But like I said, it’s the only deck that’s really broken. The balance is hugely improved since promos. Do what I do – run a hate-deck build of Deadwalkers to snipe anyone who repeatedly uses AG.

  11. Can anyone tell me what Mirror-Mad Phantasm is doing in MM? I don’t see any use running it. If only for it’s 5/1 flying body for 5 mana isn’t bad enough since it’s not an illusion, having a completely useless ability is what really makes me wonder. What would this deck gain from self milling?

      • Plenty of unlocks in each deck are noob-traps that just don’t work, like the Shroud Enchantment in Guardians.

        Of course I prefer the ones that seem really good till you try them in a few dozen games (ie It That Betrays, Goldlight Commander), or the ones you can actually adjust your build to take advantage of – like Force of Will.

        It still makes me chuckle when someone pitches half their hand to stop my 3 drop with Force, only to run out of steam to 1 good block or removal play.

  12. I’m on android and all codes worked for me no problem first try, EXCEPT the third code hasn’t worked for me yet.

    • Those are (leaked) lists of all cards which will eventually be unlocked. However, each code unlocks only one card per deck, so you’ll have to wait for the remaining five codes to be released to gain access to the rest.

  13. For STEAM –

    Under the main menu select extras; promotional unlocks; and select enter code. You may need to turn Server-Driven Content, located in help & options; settings.

    • I did all that but still running into invalid code error. Using steam version in Australia.

      Some on the forum suggested a re-install. Anyone else had the same problem?

      • Found the solution: turn off your firewall/anti-virus program and the arrow in the promo code screen shows up.

  14. Logged in today and saw 35/36 cards in my deck. Been waiting for the Ghastlord but are they just gonna wave him in front of my face until all 5 cards show up and they release the new codes?

  15. […] With promos now out, the above paragraph is somewhat invalidated as non-Eldrazi builds have become somewhat viable. They’re stupidly fun to play as your opponent sits on a hand full of removal waiting for your Eldrazi to come out. For completion, one such build is listed below, submitted by Evil Mee. Also, both builds assume you have all promo cards. If you don’t, you can get them here. […]

  16. I’m in hope for these four remainings unlocks be a lie.
    Cause the four last for chandra totally sucks. i’m hopping to come a Fireblast (instant that can sacrifce 2 lands to pay mana cost)

  17. Is there any chance we will get mana producing nonstandard lands in the future? I’m waiting sice DOTP 13, and still nothing.

    • Aside from the Cathedral of War in DotP13, I doubt we’ll get anything.

      It’s part of the simplifications that Wizards wants to make in order for the game to be more accessible to newer players. Mana nonstandards more or less require the addition of an actual mana pool mechanic. While that can be handled, there’s another problem with nonstandards:

      Both the format itself and the playerbase just doesn’t serve to convey the point that doing things with lands is great, even if it doesn’t generate mana, so they’d see little use and are instead replaced by other types doing the same job. Also, there are few ways to get rid of them, and LD is one of the most unfun things to face, so Wizards doesn’t include the problem in fear of the cure. (Top tier philosophy brought to you by Toraka inc.)

      That being said, if we can make wishes for DotP15, I’d love to see a nonbasic land subtheme. Each deck gets a few which help it in doing what it does best, and they’re carefully balanced to avoid having to include LD.

    • Let’s put it this way:

      You could play Illusions with literally all cards in, 24 lands, and just randomly mashing whatever you can play, and you’d still pull off a 70% win ratio. TTT is above such blatantly OP decks… at least, until Wing gets around to doing it.

      Every deck guide that I’ve written (MotD, HS, EtD, Chant, Guardians of Light) will be updated for the new cards soon (TM). Unfortunately, I am going on a two-week holiday tomorrow, so I might not be able to finish each update.

  18. Hot diggity dog!
    Thanks so much for the codes … completely changed the end-game for a bunch of decks.

  19. The promos change many things for some decks, but not that much all in all.
    Mul Daya is the deck that hugely profit from the new cards, tying with the middle tier decks, even a tad below the top tier maybe.

    Basically, the Big 3 decks remain as it is (Avacyn/Jace/zombie, in that order pretty much), Avacyn getting a lot of great cards and being even more powerful than before (lulz).
    Meanwhile, Garruk and Dragons are still in the lowest tier :'( while the other decks are quite balanced in mid tier.

  20. I was doing a challenge of try to beat the normal and the revenge campain with everydeck unbeaten and unmulliganed = you fail if you ever lose and you not allowed to mulligan.

    I finished the normal campain with Mindmaze, began the revenge campain and arrived at the mirror matchup against Jace.
    I was doing well and figured there was nothing Jace could draw to beat me, when he throw a Cryptic command at me and turned the game.

    So was sad panda… went to deck manager to see if I had just not noticed that Cryptic command had goten unlocked, but no it is the 8th card and have only unlocked 7…

    I failed but only because the computer cheated -_-

  21. When i used the codes i didnt get all 10 cards i only got 7? for example in mind maze deck i didnt get the last 3 cards
    Cryptic Command
    Snapcaster Mage
    Time Reversal

    is there a way to get these that would help the deck a lot.

  22. Thanks so much for posting the codes. I can’t get them to work on my PS3 though. I keep getting an error message that says “Invalid code. Confirm in Settings that “server driven content” is enabled and your PS3 is connected to the internet.” Has anyone else experienced this issue and does anyone have an answer to getting the codes to work?

    So you know, I’ve tried restarting, unchecking and checking “Server Driven Content”, unchecking then restarting the game, unchecking then restarting the system and several other methods.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Did you try putting them in caps? Some worked without caps for me and some didn’t until I put it in caps I think.

    • Hmm… I could only find one other thread with the same error on the PS3 but no fixes, the rest were all Steam and involved going through the files etc to fix it. I assume you haven’t miss typed them sooo I could only really suggest deleting and re-installing the game and try again or something, tedious I know. I guess you could always try the MTG forums if you’re still having problems.

      Sorry I can’t help you more. =(

      • I got it to work finally. Here’s what I did. I went to the “Options” menu and turned off Server Driven Content, and then entered the deck manager. I’m not sure what this part does but if it’s going to work then when you look at a deck you have not earned a card for yet (or a deck you’ve earned all cards in) it will say “37 cards locked” (or “7 cards locked” if the deck is already fully unlocked). If anyone reads this after all ten promos are released then it will say “40 cards locked” for a deck you’ve earned no cards in or “10 cards locked” for a deck you’ve unlocked all cards in. Then I went back to “Options” and turned Server Driven Content back on. After all of these I went back to enter the promo codes and they worked for me.

        I hope this helps anyone else who comes here looking for help with this problem.

    • Going to? It already is overkill. Far stronger than Avacyn’s Glory and the most OP deck in the game so far if you do it right. At least in my opinion. =)

  23. Didn’t work first (invalid codes). I then deactivated Steam in the Game ( Steam->Magic 2014->Setting->General->Activate Steam Community in Game ). I then started the game, ended it immediatly and activated the setting again. In the game i then saw advertisment of the ComicCon ( which was not there before ). After skipping i was finnaly able to put the codes in.

    • The eigth code is PXPRMD. PaX PRiMeD. Easy, isn’t it? Actually, I have no idea what brought in that D. Still, there you have it, go take your Cryptic Command or fucking AVATAR OF WOE or whatever you intend to do with it.

      Yes I am quite bitter, because all of the already heavily overpowered decks just get more overpowered shit thrown at them while the balanced decks have to deal with shit like Maelstrom Pulse and Fierce Empath. I guess Quandary, Ascension, and Vorapede are nice… alright, ignore everything I said. Still, ANOTHER CHAMPION?

  24. I’ve tried checking/unchecking the server content box, uninstalling/reinstalling the game, etc. Everything mentioned in this thread I’ve tried and still none of the codes work for me. Steam in the US but just no luck. Not even sure what else to try…

    • Okay, I had to do what Nightflyer said above. Turn off Steam Community for the game launch the game, ext the game, turn Steam Community back on, re-launch the game, and then I had the other Code entry screen (for the various cons and such). Woot!

      • BAH! Having the same damn problem again and now turning off community ain’t working. Boo!

      • If you’re trying to redeem code #10, be aware that it’s currently not available on PC. Stay patient until the next bigger event.

        Otherwise, DotP2014 is a bit silly at times. Just keep trying on another day.

  25. I’m having problems on the PS3 version of the game.. just as I’ve seen mentioned here.. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled MTG 2014, in and out of deck manager.. server side option on and off quitting out and reloading game inbetween.. still nothing and this code shows up as invalid. Also in Canada.. Frusterating as all my multplayer buddies seem to have the unlock cards without issue.. this is the first time I’ve not been able to use a promo code.. what gives…

    • It’s sad to see we are the only platform that been left out all the time =/

      Anyways, I just got this game and have already input the codes in my ps3, but is it just me or the promo cards aren’t in foil this year? It was definitely foil in 2013 -.-

  26. Found out why unlock codes do not work on Steam. In Extras – Promotional Unlocks move 3 to the right.

    Main page opens on “Get your promocard”
    One to the right: San Diego Comic Con
    Two to the right: PAX AUS
    Three to the right: Planeswalkers 2014

    And hey presto! The codes work there!

    Now I’m going to look for San Diego and PAX promo codes :p

  27. Anyone know any reason as to why my ps3 only shows 38/38 unlocked, even though the two last codes should be available? The codes aren’t valid when I try them, and I’ve tried turning off/on server driven content, but no luck.
    Help, please?

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  31. Can anyone help? I have troubles on Magic 2014 for PS3.

    Magic 2014 trial version and its unlock key
    Deck pack 1,2,3

    Current version: 1.03

    Trouble: I cannot unlock and obtain promotional cards. On “EXTRAS” – “PROMOTIONAL UNLOCKS”, I entered the 10 promotional unlock codes but error message comes out. Also in the game, numbers of “CARDS UNLOCKED” are still “30 / 30”. I believe it would be “X / 31 – 40”, with extra 10 for the promotional cards, right? I have already unlocked all decks and 30 cards for each deck. Cleared all campaigns and challenges too.

    I have researched trouble shootings by internet, found many users have reported the same trouble and solutions. I have tried them as below but nothing has changed.

    Reinstall for 10 times
    Activate the game and leave it for 12 hours
    Uncheck and check on “SERVER-DRIVEN CONTENT” setting

    I also have contacted Wizards of the Coast and Stainlessgames customer support. They answered “the game is old and no plans to fix the bug.” It is unfair that some other players can use the promotional cards in duels and it would be appreciated if you could let me know the methods of solve the trouble and fix the error. Thank you very much for your help.

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