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I have to say, it seems that at some point in the distant future, everything that has to do with Wrenches will also be ipso facto a charity fundraiser.

TheOrangeDoor recently contacted me with a project he’s calling Legolden Wrench.

It is unconfirmed if this version will turn its victims into yellow bricks.

No, it’s not French, it’s LEGOs. Hundreds and hundreds of LEGOs. See, if TheOrangeDoor’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you heard about that time when he made a LEGO level 2 Sentry Gun that actually tracks motion and fires (relatively harmless) bullets at anything that moves. For serious.

For those of you out there who haven’t yet committed suicide after realize how empty life is if you’re incapable of actually engineering such a work of beauty: despair not, as there’s still something you can do.

TOD’s Legolden Wrench project is a chance for you to help him realize his next Team Fortress 2 creation and to help more kids via Child’s Play Charity.

TOD will be constructing a LEGO Golden Calf Wrench and sending it to Valve for their enormous TF2 collection as thanks for their involvement in the community. The problem, of course, is that LEGOs and FedEx are both infamously expensive, so he needs help.

Using calculus, he’s determined the approximate construction and shipping costs of the Legolden Wrench will be $85. If you help make his dream come true, he will be donating all additional proceeds to Child’s Play Charity.

TheOrangeDoor has some additional information on his web site, but it’s fairly simple. He’ll run a short fundraiser for the initial $85. Once that goal is reached, he’ll put up Phase 2 collections for charity donations. You can read more about it here.

Even if, for some odd reason, you abhor children and/or charity, consider funding his latest LEGO contraption. After all, you don’t want to be on this man’s bad side when he decides to start making level 3 LEGO Sentries.

Or rocket launchers.

To donate to Phase 1 and to watch a video demonstration of the LEGO Sentry Gun, keep reading.

Donate to Phase 1 of Legolden Wrench

Phase 1 proceeds get the project going.

Captain, I’m detecting large amounts of win in this sector.

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  1. Aw yes. I’d donate, but I have no way to pay online. Really, it’s annoying; I want to buy a bunch of games off of Steam and stuff :V

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