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After getting my hands on the latest Duels of the Planeswalkers DLC, the first thing I had to do was buy and customize the Izzet (blue/red) deck Dodge and Burn. Unlike its previous incarnations in the DOTP series, this one seems like a serious contender for top tier.

This was one of the first matches I played, and the explosive results were pretty hilarious. I’m not entirely sure my opponent agreed.

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  1. Lol nice win WiNG, how’s this for a Dodge and Burn win on my turn 8 just now:

    I had Charmbreaker Devils down and I used Searing Spear to kill a Dragon Hatchling, the only other creature left then cast Spelltwine. I grab my Remand to put Spelltwine back into my hand and grab a Soul’s Fire from the Dragon’s graveyard and blast them to the face for a full on 20! Didn’t even have to swing in.

    • I know Spelltwine still gets exiled and doesn’t actually go to your hand by the way but it was my only choice.

      • Sorry ignore my rambling, I’m not thinking what I’m typing and concentrating on something else.

        *I could have used Searing Spear again for 23-26 but I wanted to do exactly 20 is what I meant by my only choice*

  2. Hmm, just watched this again on Youtube.
    That guy could actually have wrecked you, maybe, but he didn’t so oh well.
    If he played Kozilek straight away when you sat on your counters and got Pelekka Wurm out because your counter wouldn’t stop its ability putting you on a 3 turn clock unless you dealt with it also possibly creating a window for his Eldrazi to actually come down uncountered. Guess he was greedy or afraid of losing Kozilek. At least it would have stopped you from one shotting him.
    Good game though.

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