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Without knowing damage numbers, startup frames, or anything else, you probably can’t start planning how you’re going to use Ultra Street Fighter 4’s new character’s most brutal attacks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the butthurt you’ll unleash on opponents as you crush, slam, choke, and neuter them.

For the most part, the Ultra combos showcased here are great, though I think they could all use a little more oomph. Maybe it’s the lack of a “K.O.” screen, or an overall need for harsher sound effects (Zangief puts on an audible, bone-breaking hurt during Siberian Blizzard), but the pizzazz level needs to be elevated just a hair for my tastes.

It’s also puzzling that Capcom made Elena’s Healing ability an Ultra combo instead of a Super combo. Since Ultra meter charges by taking damage, and players can focus projectiles and pokes (and more with the new Red Focus Attack), it would seem that, in theory, Elena could end up with a virtual 1400+ life!

Sure, nobody knows exactly how Healing functions yet, but if it has to be nerfed into uselessness in order to balance it, what’s the point? Make Healing a Super combo (as it was in Street Fighter III) and all these problems go away.

We’re still waiting on news regarding the fifth and final Ultra Street Fighter 4 character, but until then, I know I could watch Ryu get kicked in the nuts all day.

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