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Robot speed is all you need

At first glance, you wouldn’t think a 24 foot tall mass of steel, bullets, and general mayhem would have anything resembling maneuverability. Well, sir, you would be wrong. While the hulking Ogre is by no means an Olympic sprinter, and the Atlas might sometimes feel a mite sluggish, there’s always the Strider to sate your need for speed. But even in the larger titans, you’ve got some real moving power.

Do not be afraid to use up your allotment of dashes if the action isn’t right in your face. The trick is getting to the action with dashes in reserve. In my experience, one dash will get you out of most sticky situations, as the maps have enough titan-sized cover to hide behind. However, because late-match conflicts often involve just you against multiple titans, always approach open areas with caution.

Remember as well that titans are almost always on the minimap and when you think about engaging, take a look at your dash bar. If you have one ready to use, save it and sprint into the fray. If you’re waiting on your last one To recharge, exercise a little patience and let it. By the time you’ll need a dash – and you will need one or two – you’ll have at least one at the ready.

As far as actual combat goes, I find out and out aggression to win most fights. So long as the playing field is even, one titan going full bore against another will throw the scales in your favor. Get up in your enemy’s face, shooting and punching and dashing to keep him off balance. A full rundown on titan combat will be forthcoming, but for now remember to keep the heat on.

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