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Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop a few quick notes regarding the site for any new readers, or veterans who followed along before it was cool.*

Changing your avatar

For anyone who regularly comments and doesn’t want to be represented by an amorphous blur of color, you can change your avatar image. All avatars are randomly generated by Gravatar.com based on your e-mail address. However, if you create an account at Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use here, you can choose an avatar image for this site and any other site using the Gravatar user image system.

You know, or you can keep on being “purple square guy.” That’s also acceptable.

Lurkers (not the Brood War kind)

If there’s anyone who’s reading and a bit comment shy, I will send you a thousand Golden Wrenches to leave a comment. More seriously, I’m always interested to know what people think about the stuff getting posted here, and the more feedback there is, the easier it is to blindly accept the voice of the masses and sell out. I can’t make that next step without your help!


Likewise, submissions of any kind are always welcome, especially if they fall into the Tactical Tuesday/Thursday paradigm. That said, if you have anything you think the T3 readership would enjoy, send it my way.


*Top Tier Tactics has actually never been cool, ever.

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  1. I found your website in lue of the golden wrench donation. I closely follow the lessons taught here as far as my spy playing goes. Been meaning to get a demo to you of my fails, and successes so you can post it, and of course so I’ll be added to your friends list. On note of The Eternal Reward two things. A sniper is by far the easiest first target. And second if you have no disguise and the engineer is away, or if you killed him with an Ambassitor like i did the other day it’s possible to play ring around the rosie and sap his sentry. This works on a level 3. Wish I had the demo to show you, it was epic. Your doing good work. Keep it up.

  2. I haven’t been following your blog long, but it’s hilarious and insightful in many ways – not just on TF 2 related stuff.

    Your Spy videos are hilarious at worst, hilarious and informative at best. I’m a friend of Paranoid, he introduced me to them, I’ve loved every one.

    I’d love to submit stuff for your consideration on publishing here – should I send you a completed piece, or just an idea and a summary first?

    Keep up the great work, and pop around OCR often. :3

    • AlpheridiesLale, thanks for the kind words. As for publishing here, if you want to write for the site or something, I’d prefer a finished piece. Overall, (and I hope this is evident) I’m going for extreme under/overstatement, an eye for the absurd, and, secondarily, a modicum of educational insight.

      I do love OCR. For my web show Life in a Game, we used a lot of (obtained permission) OCR music. You can check it out at lifeinagame.com.

      As for writing stuff, you can easily contact me on the contact page.


  3. Not shy, just busy with that thing called college (I’m that hard science major from before). First found you through your Spy tutorials which I firmly believe are the best out there because you’re willing to show your successes AND failures.

    That being said, I’m still intimidated to play Spy with people I don’t know who may be less willing to forgive my mistakes. Because there are many, especially since I haven’t actually played in months.

    Maybe I should give up my hard science major…

  4. Yeah, found out about your site when I donated for the Golden Wrench Charity. At the time however I didn’t check out your site. For some reason or another I ended up actually looking at it and found that your spy videos were far more helpful than omfgninja’s “wow i’m super good look at me videos”.

  5. Watching Day[9] right now. Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t actually play SC2, but I enjoy thoughtful commentary on tactics, stratergy, and gameplay.

    As a side note: have you taken a look a League of Legends? I realize Valve’s got their own DotA clone in the works that’s set to blow it out of the water, but it’s still quite fun. And free-2-play, with a relatively low level of “pay-4-power”

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