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Thanks to ParanoidDrone for this Tactical Tuesday submission!

The westward stab is usually disfavored for its noisy execution and pithy, low-class aesthetic.

I’m not a great Spy. Hell, I’m not even always a good Spy. And while my Spy lesson videos are intended to intersperse education with humor, they’re primarily just a way for me to cope with a lifetime of underachievement and soul-crushing humiliation.

But let’s not focus on things like “long-term emotional abuse.” Let’s focus on what matters most: stabbing people to death. And when it comes to stabbing people to death, I’m not the best. Many of my predecessors and (in some cases) idols were the first generation Spy masters: EvilDeadalus, OMFGNinja, etc. These guys pioneered the tools of the trade: quickstabs, stairstabs, glitchstabs, you name it. And while I took a different direction in my videos, several other notable Spies used their formula and perfected it.

One such master is Whatsyurdeal?, who blends just the right amount of instruction, showmanship, and clarity into every video.

And, if you promise you’ll still care about my stuff after you watch what he has to offer, I guess I can let you see it.
Just remember who was there for you all these years.

Whatsyurdeal’s Espionage Episodes focus first and foremost on straightforward gameplan execution. When to stab, who to stab, how to do it, and why you need to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. Each of his episodes has a theme (yes, other than killing people) as it delves into the most profitable manner in which to dispose of one’s enemies, given a certain situation. In this first example, he weighs the pros and cons of the Revolver and the Ambassador, demonstrating how to use each to its greatest potential:

Who knew muzzle velocity physics simulations could be so fun?

This kind of thoughtful detail is something I rarely get to do in my videos. It’s not because I don’t have strategic considerations like this, it’s just that I’m not particularly good at incorporating them into an educational montage. I suppose I prefer blathering about on this blog instead. And while I still like showing whole rounds of footage with on-the-go commentary, these types of case studies are still important for both the novice and advanced Spy.

Here’s another example. In this ingeniously-titled 3-part series, Whatsyurdeal considers the parameters involved in purchasing a finely crafted timepiece. And while the Spy’s watches aren’t very good at telling time, they can certainly help you ascertain your opponents’ time of death.

The time, good sir? It’s precisely DEAD O’CLOCK!

Whatsyurdeal is a pretty pro Spy with a lot of insight. Why don’t you check out his channel today?

I’ll understand if you don’t love me anymore. I’m used to it.

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  1. I remember this guy. I was looking up spy tactics(or I was linked to it from SPUF) and found him. Really good videos.

      • No I mean i have some for you i made. In one of your spy tactic vids you said we could send some for you to make into vids and put some dialogue and wingspantt – ness to it. Let me know.

      • I actually didn’t use After Effects, I used Sony Vegas Pro 9.

        I don’t like the interface that Adobe uses, but then again, Adobe doesn’t constantly crash on you for no freakin reason. >:(

      • I actually didn’t use After Effects, I used Sony Vegas Pro 9.

        I don’t like the interface that Adobe uses, but then again, Adobe doesn’t constantly crash on you for no freakin reason. >:(

  2. If it’s any comfort Wing, you do get a thanks in the credits of the last vid, albeit to ‘WiNGSPANNT’. You’re above ‘EvilDaedulus’ though.

  3. Watsyurdeal/The Sentry is a Spy recently had his thread with all these videos on it stickied on SPUF, making the Spy boards one of the two classes to have a sticky on their boards and the only one to have an educational sticky. I usually hang out on the Spy boards a bit, simply because they’re a good place to learn about Spy, full of intelligent and helpful people (surprisingly enough, given the content on the rest of the board). Maybe there should be a “learning to use the Spy forums” article in the near future…

  4. This is Watsyurdeal, and I had to drop by and say that this has been one hell of a semester. Got a new gf, stickied on the Spy forum, got into Electronic Espionage, and got an article written about my vids. I could shed man tears right now, this is seriously awesome.

    Thank you WiNG, and keep the videos coming. You are after all one of the people that inspired me. :)

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