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Sonic... Hurricane... KICK!!!***

From one WordPress template blogger to another, I have to give the author(s) of Sonic Hurricane a lot of credit.* He/She/They know their technical moves when it comes to Street Fighter, and Sonic Hurricane does an amazing job doling that information out to the button-mashing masses.

While many high-level players out there are good at putting together combo videos or explaining over-arching strategy, Sonic Hurricane gets down to the whats and the hows of beating your foes unconscious.

Some people might even call these lessons… tactical.**

From basic information on combos, to demonstration videos, technical guides and more, Sonic Hurricane is a thinking man’s blog.

First of all, SH wrote the book on footsies. I know I’ve used this tired pun before, but SH has indeed compiled an in-depth guide on footsies, a fighting genre metagame involved in zoning your opponent, punishing certain moves, and baiting overzealous reactions. If this all sounds strange to you, it’s all the more reason you need to start reading the SH Footsie Guide right after you click on some ads on this site right now.

SH also dedicates a large portion of its time to combos. As I mentioned before, this isn’t just a masturbatory combo-video blog. SH explains what combos are, how they work, how new ones are discovered, and the best ways to practice and perfect your combo execution. Think of it as your first resource on our initial journey to Comboland Theme Park. Occasionally, combo videos will be posted, but usually it’s intended to illustrate a difficult-to-explain example. Or sometimes, SH features more light-hearted “tribute” videos celebrating funny things like the 2-hit combo or botched, zero-hit combos.

Finally, Sonic Hurricane is also a great destination for fighting game enthusiasts who like to tinker. The site is a treasure trove of information on emulators, arcade machines, and the other mechanics behind the fighting genre. How does one program a macro for SF2? How do you alter the AI of the arcade edition of SF3? What are the preliminary methods for wiring one’s very own Dummy Stick? The basics are all there.

Like Top Tier Tactics, Sonic Hurricane is run by a very small group, with a few thoughtful updates a week. If you’re into improving your game in any 2D fighting game, consider adding it to your RSS lineup. Just don’t use your fancy new infinite combo on me.

*I actually have no clue who exactly authors Sonic Hurricane or if multiple contributors produce its content. Some sources indicate that the myesterious men behind its production were the same people who caused the riot at EVO 2006.

**These people would be summarily sued, as Top Tier Tactics has trademarked the term “tactics.” For information on how you can license this term for your private or corporate event, contact WiNGSPANTT.

***The first person in the comments to recognize this joke will earn the Top Tier Tactics Player of the Week Award.

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  1. tactical (n): of or relating to combat tactics; the adjective of choice on the blog “Top Tier Tactics”, used to describe biweekly articles about tactics in video games; the punchline of unsubtle jokes made in aforementioned biweekly articles

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