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In my first video featuring my terrible, terrible voice, I cast one of my own Starcraft 2 matches, demonstrating how a well-planned Forge-first early expand can hold off a large number of Zerglings. While this won’t be fast enough to stop a 6-pool all in, it’s a good start if you know they’re going to poke in with lings.

The “hold position” command allows your zealots to fight zerglings one at a time. If you’re not an idiot.

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  1. Bro, for someone who complains so much about their voice, your voice is literally almost perfect for commentating. The voices on youtube are usually terrible, I’m no exception, but yours is interesting to listen to, and not only that, but keeps your wanting to hear more.

    If only your TF2 spy vids had that….

    • I watched it before, and thought exactly the same. It’s a great voice for commenting, so I don’t know why he doesn’t do more of this kind.

      • I’ll try it. The main consideration is that it’s way harder to have snappy one liners in one or two audio takes than it is with text. A lot of times I set up the text scripts, go to sleep, then wake up and try to decide if it’s still funny. But I think I’ll give it a shot on my next video.

  2. I’m currently raging at how I got into bronze league since all of my qualifying rounds were against protoss and proton turret rushes… I guess I kinda do suck if I cannot counter one strategy but that strategy is incredibly cheap :/

    • Best way to defend is to build your own Spine Crawler/Photon Cannon. Just having 1 will keep him at bay since he can’t go past it to build his own. If you’re Terran, it helps to wall off ASAP.

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