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Now, don’t get your hopes up expecting that I’m starting some new “Movie Monday” trend, releasing videos every monday. Hell, I’m not even releasing a video today. But someone else is, and if you don’t completely hate your funny bone, pay heed.

Also, my brother provided the art for the film. What more do you want?

Do you remember Life in a Game, the gaming parody web show I’ve basically spent 5,000 man-hours advertising? If you enjoyed it,* you might be interested to know that lead actor and co-creator Dan Califf Glick has just finished his premiere feature film, The Triumph of William Henry Harrison. And, for the first time ever, you can own it on “DVD.” Have you started throwing money at this man yet?

“But WiNG, I don’t know anything about this film. Is it a comedy? A drama? Is it a snuff film?” Let me take a moment to answer your important questions. Yes, Maybe, It depends on what the parole board allows me to say. But let’s not get hung up on details. Here’s why you need to whip out your credit card pronto:

Summary or “Reasons to Own This Movie Now”

  • Ed fuckin’ Asner narrates this film
  • Written and directed by LIAG co-creator
  • Amazing original soundtrack
  • WiNG wrote like 4 jokes in it (just assume the best ones)
  • When else will you see a movie about William Henry Harrison?
  • Apparently, this movie is amazing
  • Great actors, including Sal Brienik from LIAG and Ed fuckin’ Asner
  • Not rated by the MPAA, so there may be gratuitous violence and/or nudity**
  • Support indie filmmaker(s)

Additionally, I co-wrote and filmed parts of No Experience, the “making of” short for the film. If I had any shame, I’d refrain from the following statement: this is hilarious. While it might not make complete sense if you haven’t seen the film, it does feature a lot of strategy and tactics to how to actually put together your own feature length film.

What are you waiting for? Buy your copy today! (use coupon code EWJ373P2 to save 20% at checkout)

Head past the break for the official plot summary…

The Triumph of William Henry Harrison

Ask any American worth their salt what they know about William Henry Harrison, and they’ll probably say, “Well, I think he was that president who died only a month into office.” Well, that person would be wrong. In truth, the president known as Ol’ Tippecanoe actually rewrote American history. How did he do this? By faking his death and joining ranks with a shadow government known only as the Fraternity, which was, until recently, the most super secret conspiracy ever assembled.

That is, until it stopped being a secret when a young female reporter found out and had the guts to report it.

The Triumph of William Henry Harrison is the story of our ninth president, but it is also the story of Amanda Delacourt. After inheriting the life’s work of her deceased mentor, Amanda was shocked to learn he had left her a trail of clues leading to an unbelievable story about a seemingly unremarkable man. Armed with a few inside leads and a bucket of tenacity, Amanda begins a quest to fill in the gaps and bring this momentous story to the public. But it won’t be an easy task, because along the way she’s forced to outwit Fraternity spies hell-bent on shutting her down.

“Luckily” Amanda has assembled a rag-tag group of misfits dedicated to spreading the word about Harrison. With the power of song, pantomime, morbid humor, and love, the only real obstacle to their success is each other. And the Fraternity. And a generally apathetic public.

The Triumph of William Henry Harrison was produced, directed, written, filmed, and edited by Daniel Califf-Glick, and stands as his premiere full-length motion picture. Featuring narration by Hollywood legend Edward Asner and a musical score by the inimitable Jacob Sanders, this hysterical, historical mockumentary also includes analyses by Newsweek senior editor and New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Alter, Beltway veteran and Rutgers University political scientist Ross Baker, and several less impressive fictional scholars. Together, they ponder the answer to the greatest “What if?” of all time: “What if America’s shortest-lived president was actually somehow relevant?”

*A mandatory prerequisite to reading this site.
**WiNGSPANTT and Top Tier Tactics make no guarantees of the number of decapitations and/or bare breasts found in this or any film.

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