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Ah, that's the stuff.

Hey everyone, we’ve got another Starcraft 2 Trial Code up for grabs!

Are you a Starcraft 1 pro who was afraid of change but now wants to rekindle your nostalgia? Or perhaps you’re someone who has never played Starcraft, but is willing to give it a shot for the price of free?

If so, entering is easy. Just join the Top Tier Tactics Steam group and comment on the Starcraft 2 Trial Code Contest post explaining why you want this code for your chance to win! No reason is too long, too short, or too full of links to erotica! As long as your response can be construed as a reason to try Starcraft 2, you could win! The winning entry will be selected by merit* on December 5th. Winner must provide a valid e-mail address after being contacted in order to claim his/her prize.

*Winner will be judged subjectively by WiNGSPANTT and/or the Top Tier Tactics writers. All decisions are final. Do not attempt to bribe the judges with free hats.

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