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Greetings everyone. I bring to you tonight disturbing news. After two many years of educational and comedic service to the greater Team Fortress 2 gaming community, it has come to my attention that I am terrible.

Yes, yes…. don’t try to deny it. I understand. Perhaps all this time you watched whilst saying nothing as I fumbled and foibled through my misadventures, fearing you might crush what few aspirations my stunted brain is capable of dreaming up. Like a harsh bully who is nonetheless above picking on those with intellectual disabilities, you judged me from afar, but spared me public disgrace. For your mercy, I thank you.

Recently, a video by GoodGuy has come to light, showcasing my terrible, shameful faults. Indeed, it was never till this day that I realized my efforts had not helped Spies around the world, but had instead slowly rendered them increasingly ineffectual. For this, I can never adequately apologize. Please accept my public humiliation as the greatest fine I can pay for my sins against espionage agents everywhere.

Ahem. In all seriousness, GoodGuy submitted this video as part of his application to write for T3. While we’re not able to take him on at this time, I do applaud his humor and effort in this well-intended roast. Pay close attention, because I plan to run a contest asking you to top this man in his endeavors at ripping me to shreds. The prize is hats. Stay tuned for more information.

This is Part 1/2. Head past the break to watch Part 2.

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  1. lol good videos, but I have a few questions:
    1- Whats the purpose of disguising as a Scout. I mean, a slow Scout doesn’t bother them?
    2-Cammy? I choose my characters by tier list. (Actually no, I play as Cody but anyways)
    3-Turn all Japanese <GIGA PUDDING?

    Wing, do you play DotA/LoL/HON? :)

    • I used to play DOTA during WC3 days, but I fell out of it. I think I’ll get back in with DOTA 2 comes out but I don’t have enough time to really get into LoL right now. However, one of the other writers is a LoL PRO so if you beg hard enough he MIGHT write about it.

    • I disguise as a scout occasionally. It’s a decent disguise for waiting around a friendly sentry and pretending to be someone waiting for a demo to take it out. Just be sure to crouch and look like you’re focusing intensely.

      • Hell, even disguising as a Heavy can be very viable sometimes. Medics are instantly attracted to you, and if you work fast you can lead him into your teammates. Even paranoid medics fall for this sometimes, because no one expects the heavy!

  2. Thanks again for putting this up Wing. I hope you all enjoy it and whatnot, and at the very least you realize how low the bar is set to pass it.

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