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In his last post, Serge decided to call me out for a Pac Man CE DX high score challenge. Since he’s generally better at “video games” than I am, I was a little worried. But since he didn’t specify what level the challenge would be based on, I did what any rational human being would do: I played the game for 5 hours, only to later realize I hadn’t completed any of the same sections as he had. Goddammit.

So, I went back, found a stage he had completed, and this is what happened:

Of course, if you’d like to impress us with your own efforts on Highway 5m, you can also participate…

Send us your scores

If you have Pac Man Championship Edition DX, outdo our scores on the Highway 5 minute game mode and send a video or screenshot as evidence. We’ll update the post to let everyone know you are a total badass when it comes to destroying the souls of those who have passed on.

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  1. “Did I did it?”

    Yes WiNG, yes you did. Now get your power pellets ready – I see this shit getting SRS.

    • I know for a fact that Serge will crush me in the long run. I just had to gloat while I had the chance. As for my grammar, understand one thing homie: I’m the best, mayne. I deed it.

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