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While Renaissance women didn't wear a lot of clothing, neither did they wear a lot of deodorant.

With Ubisoft’s latest Brotherhood DLC available for about a week now, I’ve had an opportunity to delve into the new multiplayer modes, Escort and Assassinate. Don’t misunderstand; the single player experience of Brotherhood (and its predecessors) is exceptionally entertaining, but with tight work constraints and demands from my legions dozens of fans to produce Assassin’s Creed videos, I’ve yet to set aside ample time to explore the game’s single player offerings. As far as I’ve been told, they include an interesting story addition, the gambling games at the thieves’ den, and the ability to punch mimes in the face.

While Escort is interesting (and a video is forthcoming), Assassinate has repeatedly stabbed stolen my heart with its emphasis on stealth, patience, and cat & mouse crossfire stress. Unlike the Wanted and Advanced Wanted game modes, Assassinate doesn’t contract you to kill anyone; you’re free to murder whomever you wish, provided they don’t do unto you a similar fate first.

In order to prevent simultaneous stabbings and rampant run-throughs, Ubisoft has, in its infinite wisdom, required players to lock on to potential targets before dealing the final stroke. When targeting your soon-to-be victim, however, he or she is warned that someone’s gunning for’em. This, of course, introduces a new layer of strategy: lock on too early, and your foe might run off scared. Wait too long, and he or she might be plunging a dagger into your neck.

I personally find Assassinate is what Advanced Wanted should have been. There’s a larger focus on blending (since nobody knows what your persona is, they must rely on context clues and radar alone), and players aren’t punished for doing well by having three assassins after them. Instead, every player always has seven other killers on his/her tail. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Continue reading to watch my two latest Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood videos featuring the Assassinate gameplay mode.

Assassinate Strategy Video 1

Assassinate Strategy Video 2

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  1. “I personally find Assassinate is what Advanced Wanted should have been.”

    This quote right here is how I’ve been explaining the new game type to my friends. I want to see a group game mode using the same system as Assassinate. Heck, release it as Advanced Alliance and I’d finally have a good reason to play it.

    Love the videos! (And the small comment about reddit, keep that up too :] )

  2. Hey WiNG, nice text, I got exactly the same thoughts and I also like this new game mode alot.
    But Escort is kind of “Chest capture” with moving chests^^ I don’t like it and no one seems to know what the best strategy is. So I’m looking forward to your escort vid.

    To the singleplayer: As far as I’m concerned there is only one new side Mission Type. You have to find DaVinci and before that 5 of his drawings with a new enemy fraction revealed… (I hope that doesn’t spoil to much). Besides this you got Templar Lairs, similar to the Romulus Lairs. Thats about it.

    So only for the singleplayer mode I wouldn’t recommend a purchase…

    So now I’ve done your job WiNG, next time you’ll get a bill ;)

  3. My main problem with this game is the lock-on, which constantly has me locking on to a fucking rock instead of the guy I wanna stab. Since Assassinate puts more emphasis on lock-on, that makes it more infuriating. However, I do enjoy this mode WAY MORE than Wanted, since it’s easier to get focus kills on targets you just stunned and also happen to not have Resistance.

    • Yes, though I have encountered many people with Resistance since Blender is out of the question. Overall Cooldowns is almost a given, but the 2nd slot could be almost anything. I’ve been using Wall Runner or whatever it’s called just to climb walls faster.

  4. i really enjoyed when i watched these 2 vids pls continue making ACB vids and i have a questıon when wıll the pc versıon wıll come or ı just dont have ıt on my country couse ı wanna buy ıt so much

  5. congrats Wing ubisoft finally made ur wish came through, u have the OFFICER skin !!! But why arent you using it ?

  6. Congrats wing, you made me rape my already violated bank account even more by showing me how awesome just the MP of this game is that i just HAD to buy it on steam ASAP (aka 5 minutes ago).
    On the bright side, at least I get the auditore version thingy for free cause gaben is just that awesome.
    If you got the PC version as well, we might even play together sometime. I is in ur game stabbin’ ur pursuers.

  7. your blog is awesome i watch all your vidieos because i have no life see i just spelled vidio rong.

    and can wing post a escort vidieo? please

  8. man started playing the game on pc, still leveling and trying out and all that stuff AND IT’S F!§%ING GREAT. I’d love to see a match of you (wanted) where you dont die once using disguise and morph and all that stuff.

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