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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy hearing the sultry, soothing sound of your voice. Voiced audio it is.

    • Even if he didn’t, I believe it would be the best solution — Little things he doesn’t actually talk about could be texted in true WingspanTT fashion… So you get both audio -and- text! Can be confusing, but I think that’d be cool.

  2. I do love your commentaries WiNG, but you could improve them by writing out a script and hiring Morgan Freeman to read it for you.

  3. WING when you used both text and voice (it’s awesome btw) i really liked it you should really use them both in TF2 spy too and epic TF2 bug :D

  4. I just had an idea where you use both voice and text, but the text serves to undermine what you’re saying, similar to The Word.

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