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Well, the test for the Top Tier Stream was conducted for a very short 50 minutes last Saturday for a small 3 viewers. I know there was short notice, but if you weren’t there to make it, fear not! The full Top Tier Stream begins this Sunday at 7:30pm EST, and will run weekly! This Sunday I will be streaming the Ancient Cave from Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals, which I mentioned in my brief look at Roguelikes way back when. However, the game shouldn’t be the only reason you tune in! I will by joined in commentating by the one and only WiNG himself, and we’ll be talking with the live chat throughout the event!

After the break, we’ll embed the stream (which will be inactive until then), or you can go to the Livestream page directly. Keep in mind, if you want to participate in the live chat, you’ll have to go to the Livestream page.


Stream Status: Offline

Watch live streaming video from toptiertactics at livestream.com
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  1. I dunno if I’d find watching the game entertaining, but I’ll try and show up anyways just to support the stream. =)

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