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Everyone knows that the Spy and the Engineer evolved to loathe one another. Sure, the Spy’s had his spats with the Sniper, but that was more of a gentleman’s dispute. The battle between cunning and ingenuity, on the other hand, is a tale of the ages.

Thus it brings me great joy to present two audience submissions, each representing one of the aforementioned foes, this week. One, submitted by LendAClaw, is Xriloku’s Engineer Sentry Jumping Guide, which quite succinctly sums up its contents: a detailed description of how the hell you get your Teleporter all the way up there.

The second, from Shady Spy (Phiasmir), is a replay that captures his astonishing 18-kill winstreak as a Saharan Spy. Mind you, because it’s a replay, it’s all done in one life without any gimmicks (but also without any HUD). Regardless, it’s quite captivating to behold, if you’re entertained by wanton murder.

Head past the break to watch both videos, and let us know in the comments what you think!

“Jumping the Gun” Tutorial

Shady Spy’s Lucky Break

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  1. Amazing what you can do with sentry jumps.

    The spy video was kinda meh. Quite a few facestabs and an enemy team that doesn’t know how to spy-check.

  2. Loved the “Jumping the Gun” tutorial! I’ve always felt like my sentry jumps off for some reason, I was taking too much damage and not getting much airtime. This really puts it all into perspective.

  3. You should totally make a column where people can upload replays and any worthy ones are put up. That would really be awesome.

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