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Great RPG, or greatest RPG?

About a year ago, I bought Final Fantasy XIII because I thought it might be about time to get back into JRPGs. I was unfortunately wrong, mainly because it’s never that time. However, I was able to secure the included codes for Psicom Soldier Avatar Outfits, after approximately 35 additional steps than what is normally required to acquire similar codes.*

I never used these codes because I didn’t get far enough into the game to even know what a Psicom Soldier is, and because I figured I could pawn them off on eBay for millions of dollars after Final Fantasy XIII quickly came to be known as the greatest RPG of all time. Since that somehow failed to transpire, I was stuck with two relatively worthless codes that remain nonetheless limited in quantity…

So, if you’re interested in dressing up as a constant, virtual reminder of Japan’s eccentricities, post a comment below letting us know if you’d like the male or female outfit, and what your favorite JRPG is and why.. One winner will be chosen at random for each outfit, and in the event that there are no male entries, I’ll give the male avatar code to the lucky winning lady.

Entries will be taken until June 1st.

*Normal process: Peel label off included card; read code.

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  1. Aw fuck it, this is an entry. I don’t care what I get, nor if I win, or lose, and I don’t even have this game. Hell, I don’t even know what jrpg is. I’ll guess. My favorite jrpg is final fantasy III. Because three is my favorite number.

  2. Isn’t those codes for xbox live only?

    Hahah I borrowed my friends FFxiii (I’m not a huge FF fan) and beat it in a little less than 16 hrs. I thought the gameplay was pretty good. Much better than X-2 and XII. But I would not consider it one of the best RPG. I’m guess that JRPG is Japanese RPG? xD? I haven’t been able to find great new ones coming out recently. Couple of my favorites were Tales of Symphonia and .hack series. Tales of Symphonia, by far, is my favorite game. I love how each character develops in the story. Also, I love the graphics. .Hack, I just love the story, characters, and the setting. Hhaha. I think it would be pretty cool if people went into coma from dying in the video game. XD Jking.

  3. Please messere, I need them codes to help feed mah poor ma and siblings. We ha’nt eat’n in three days! Oi’m beggin frum tha bott’om o’ mi hart..

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