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A miserable pile of secrets

Dear WiNG,

Out of all of your publishers here on T3 such as Bin and Serge, who has the most self worth? I ask because I’ve noticed that MY self worth is directly tied to my amount of media output, so I thought it would be curious if their self-worth was not also tied to media output since they are not the lord and master of T3

My name is not important

Dear Mr Not-Important,

WiNG here for a second… I asked my authors to answer this question for themselves, and this was the consensus:

The answer to this is simple: I, Binerexis, have the most self worth as I have the most IRL hats and facial hair. “Oh-ho” you may think “but that’s such an easy thing to do and you shouldn’t be so proud”. If that’s a case, grow a beard yourself, walk around in a hat and see for yourself how much respect you demand. There will be those who laugh, we call them ‘free kills’, but there will also be those who bow down to your glory. Many a time have I been told “Good Sir, your facial hair and head attire are most awesome and you look kind of like Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. You are certainly a gentleman and a scholar” to which the proper response is always “Your compliment would go better with a drink. I have no drink. Remedy this”.

I hope this answers your question Mr/Mrs Completely-Unimportant and I also hope your facial hair(s) grow angrily and numerous.


A twin, a win, and fin

Dear T3,

What does WingPanTT use to record his TF2 videos?


Dear Fang,

I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked. While I knew there were many imitators out there – failspies who had tried to copy my style and charm – I had no clue there was one producing videos under a handle just one letter off from my own. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this to my attention.

Could you send us a link to WingPanTT’s page? If it truly is a gross infringement on our content, especially video content, we’d like to send this rogue a cease and desist notice as soon as possible. I doubt he uses FRAPS and Adobe Premiere Pro the same way I do – he probably records TF2 matches with a mediocre cellphone camera.

Once again, you have my sincere thanks. Let’s shut this shit down on this clown.



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  1. WiNGPantt is a menace! Making failspy videos at his blog!
    There’s some annoying dude called 239yug who comments on everything, but never says anything related to the article.
    And I’m sure Binerexis probably has the most selfworth.

  2. Thank god! You got my message Wing!

    I’ve done a bit of internet magics and traced this vial WingPanTT to none other than… your mother’s house!

  3. Truly, I demand that the individual called “Robiny Not-so-fast-mover” implements additional objects of wearability with great value, like an astounding facial hair toupé, or more top-worn objects which directly or indirectly refer to the era us is obviously living in.

    Jokes aside, shouldn’t you be writing as a viking rather than a gentleman?

  4. Sweet, my question was answered, and I still get to play the mysterious rogue (not WiNGSPANTT) whom nobody knows the name of. The only clues I leave to where I have and haven’t been is that I comment under the name of a different animal every time. :D Thank you for answering Bin, and my facial hair has begun growing in considerably faster., as has an equal amount of respect. The two are definitely related

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