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Super Street Fighter IV was released about a year after Street Fighter IV came along and basically single-handedly revived the fighting game genre. The Super addition was released in disc format, albeit at a budget price, to fans and haters alike shouting and claiming that it could have just been DLC. Once the game was out for about a week though, these shouts quieted down as all of the improvements made, characters added, balance changes and UI changes made it clear that it was way too much content to just be DLC.

However, Capcom hinted that DLC was not out of the question for this iteration of the beloved standard fighter, and soon enough the game hit arcades as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, with further balance changes and characters added. It would be a long time before Capcom intimated that this would come to consoles, but it wasn’t long before they announced AE as paid DLC for consoles, and eventually as a retail disk.

While this is all informative information, that’s not what you come to this site for. No, you come for the strategies and sarcasm, so I’ll try to give you at least one of the two in spades for the next few paragraphs. Which one will it be? I’m thinking you can guess.

Evil Ryu? More like Emo Ryu!

Seriously, what’s up with this guy? He’s got a hole in his chest, a scar on his back and he talks about nothing except killing dudes. Not to mention the only differences he has with regular Ryu is his piss-poor cardiovascular health and an axe kick, which I will admit looks totally awesome and brutal. Other than that, his Ultra 2 looks cool but Ultra 1 is hardly different from Metsu Hadouken. I mean, the name is exactly the same. Metsu Hadouken? More like Missed HaNewName. Wait, I already made that joke…

Oni has jets in his palms

Oni Win screen

I guess... I'll just leave you two alone.

I don’t have much to say about Oni other than his air dash makes him look like he has jet engines in his palms. Meaning Oni is part jet plane. And that is absolutely sweet. His Ultra 2 also turns him into pure jet black jet fuel, thus further proving this statement. The fact that his drag coefficient is less than 0.02 seals the deal; Oni Airlines is officially in business.


Yun and Yang are Top Tier…but do they have Tactics?

It’s no secret that the other two new characters, Yun and Yang, are pretty awesome. Some people are claiming that they are at the very top of the Arcade Edition tier list. This means that we’ll see a whole string of newbies playing them and only them online for another few weeks. Take advantage of this fact, and learn all the newbie tricks for these meddlesome twins and counter them. Hard.

Super Fei Long 4: Fei Long is Awesome Edition

Fei Long got a substantial increase in power for Arcade Edition. So much so that the top Japanese player mains Fei Long. This is awesome, because Fei Long is awesome. Why? Because he’s Bruce Lee! That doesn’t need any more justification, he’s friggin Bruce Lee! One-Inch Punch included. And if you don’t know what the One-Inch Punch is, you probably have no business playing fighting games or even reading about them.

So awesome.

Conclusion. What, you expect me to have something witty every time?

Should you buy Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition? Well, if you thought any of these points were awesome, then the answer should be yes. If you don’t own Super Street Fighter IV already, then what the hell is wrong with you? Get AE as a disc or on Steam now! If you already have it, and thought all of these points were lacking, stop being a little bitch and buy the DLC anyway.

You know you want it.


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  1. All 4 of the new characters have two things in common: crap health (except Oni for the most part), and easily losing to Zangief. Shit, even the Air Raging Demon loses to Siberian Blizzard (along with EVERYTHING else that involves nit being on the ground). Recently, Ono’s been mentioning how he would consider doing one more update to the game, probably so that the character select screen doesn’t look incomplete (along with no more Shotos).

  2. Please. Bruce Lee could take fei long.
    But the universe would explode due to their equal awesomesauceness.
    I saw a documentary on Bruce lee. :>

  3. And just to prove Wing right, I don’t know what the one inch punch is, and I don’t play fighting games. I have now closed my mind to you, and am wearing aluminum foil as a hat. AND I CAN STILL FEEL YOU TRYING TO GET IN.

  4. Hakan did get buffed but not enough to matter. He still doesn’t start the round oiled for one. Is still useless when not oiled. Has to get a knockdown to get oiled reliably.

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