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If you follow professional/competitive Starcraft 2 in any capacity, you know it’s about as addictive as Stim with only have the adverse effects.* But just like any problematic pursuit, one eventually encounters the issue of “shit, it actually ran out” followed immediately by the issue of “insert the sound of rabid gargling.”

And while you could fill those lapses with a few rounds of Starcraft 2, that’s just so boring. If only someone could invent a way for you to watch streaming, steaming Toss-on-Toss action non-fucking-stop without having to do anything.

It appears the Carrier future has arrived. And it’s called Warp Prism.

Warp Prism Fast Stream Watching (clever name, I know) is an aggregation service that basically pulls in every Starcraft 2 stream in the galaxy and puts it right in front of your face. In typical Starcraft style, you can navigate between streams without the cumbersome need of mouse clicking thanks to a bevvy of hotkeys – so you’re only limited by your ability to passively absorb media. For American audiences, this is essentially an infinite amount of entertainment!

There’s really not much more to say about Warp Prism. Go check it out for yourself, and try to remember to periodically eat, bathe, and breathe. And, if you have a spare minute, write me into your will, just in case.

*Professional Starcraft 2 may cause joint swelling, spontaneous bouts of Korean, and a type of rash commonly referred to as “Grack.”

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  1. Wing, you failed at putting in the link correctly. Your own website says it. You made me actually USE GOOGLE (drama!)!

    You also made me discover the ultimate timewaste, allowing me to watch several (2, at the moment) streams simultaneously, which helps over the time from the GG to five minutes into the game when it gets interesting.

  2. This is unrelated to this article, but just wanted to say glad to see the orange edging back on the site! The tweaks you made are looking good.

  3. Through force-learned self-control, I managed to tear away from the epicness to write this comment. I must now go back

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