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While there are some Top Tier Tactics readers who found the site via StumbleUpon or Reddit or by sheer luck, I won’t kid myself to believe that the largest cohort falls into the category of “WiNGPSANTT yelled at me until I visited the site.” It’s an unfortunate reality, but you’re here now and that’s all that matters.

And though I’m still keen to encourage you all to subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or embed my videos on every site on the Internet, I couldn’t help but feel like my personal channel wasn’t really the best venue for all things T3.

So after talking with the writers some of the writers Rabid Ferret and Space Hamlet, I decided to put together something new: the Top Tier Tactics YouTube channel. And to get the ball rolling, I’ve begun mirroring all my favorite videos on the channel. Going forward, I’ll be posting videos to both channels.

“But WiNG,” I hear you say, “why should I watch this channel when I’m already subscribed to you?”

Because, silly bear, other T3 writers will also be uploading hilarious, self-effacing videos to this channel. And if you can find another channel on YouTube that features the crazed thoughts of Rabid Ferret, Binerexis, Serge, Space Hamlet, or Xiant, I’d like to see it!* What’s more, we’ll be using the channel to solicit free content awesome videos from you the readers, giving you a chance to reach your potential and redeem your 15 minutes of Z-list Internet fame.

To kick things off, Rabid Ferret has uploaded his very own Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood commentary video.  Watch the action unfold, let us know what you think, and for God’s sake, subscribe to this channel before our debtors call back!

*So I can sue them and/or fire my writers on non-compete grounds.

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  1. Huh. I might solicit one of my videos.
    I do not own a mic so it’d be the classic white text during the gameplay.

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