Home News Ridiculous rumor: Next Mortal Kombat to be announced tonight on VVV Stream?

According to a post by STORMS on the Test Your Might forums, a big Mortal Kombat announcement will be made on tonight’s VVV Gaming stream at 10:30 pm EDT. While STORMS himself had scarce details beyond the initial “something to do with MLG” whispers, other comments brought more curiosities to the forefront.

Napalm78, an apparent member of VVV, broke two hundred NDAs the sacred code of silence, offering his insider knowledge of the upcoming revelations:

“Nothing rumor about what is going down on the live stream tonight, it’s the CEOs of both MLG and vVv talking about MK. . . 10, yes 10, being full time on MLGs circuit for 2012. Tune in to hear it for yourselves.

Other big fighting game news as well will surface.”

After some initially shocked/excited responses, VVV Napalm78 continued to spill additional beans:

“That’s what it looks like, pretty safe to say MK9 was a huge public beta for MK10, and despite what developers told the public MK10 has been in development for some time now.”

Of course, the veracity of this statement can’t be ascertained until tonight’s VVV stream. Is Napalm full of it, or is Netherrealm Studios taking a note from Capcom and gunning for Super Mortal Kombat 9 or (gasp!) MKX? Only two and a half hours remain as of this writing, so there’s still time for rampant fanboyism and misinformed speculation!

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  1. I realy hope they make mk 10 AND KEEP THE ORIGINAL KHARECTERS!!! im only saying that because from what im hearing is they are making a bunch of new kharacters to replace the dead ones. When I have kids i dont want them growing up where Lui Kang doesent defeat shao kahn or when some guy named zebron saves earthrealm! I mean Boon PLEASE KEEP THE KHARECTERS ESPECIALLY JHONNY CAGE (even though he didnt die yet.) It xould be cool to see SUPER MK 9 or even better ultimate Mk 9! If you do read this Ed If you keep anybody in the game please keep scorpion! I really hope you get to read this and please make MK 10 as good as it can get!

  2. The only guarantee is subzero & scorpion & raiden will be in every mk we see for the rest of our lives Liu kang will be in most aswell I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned Liu kang bad in the next 1 to spice his character up abit also before they did this reboot the original plan after armaggeddon was to get rid of all the characters except a few popular 1’s & bring in all new then they did the opposite

  3. I though about a concept for an upcoming mk game that would be really nice. Mortal Kombat games and movies take place during the 10th tournament, where if the earthrealm doesnt win then the outerrealm take the earthrealm, etc. but it would be a totally new concept if they do a mortal kombat game but taking place in a earlier tournament, like it could be the 4th one ,etc.

    I think every tournament take place at each 100 years, so if it’s during the 4th tournament, it would be in the 15 century so the earthrealm characters would be fighters in this era. And according that sub zero and scorpion are modern fighters ( I think born in the 19 century then died but regenerate after) so they couldn’t be in an earlier installment.

    and in my opinion, it would be so bad bringing the same characters in earlier time… except Rayden, because he’s the god protecting the earth.

    It’would be cool also if its an earlier tournament, then the outerrealm characters would be almost all new as well as the earthrealm characters. Except shao kahn, Goro and shang tsung ( who wear ancient asiatic clothes , look like he from the 11th century in human ).

    so mr Tobias or Boon make sure if you make a new mk installment, make something you’ll like , not something that you think it’ll bring you the most money or reaching most people. just something you like and it’ll impress you how people can like it.

  4. No matter what happens, i wish the dead ones in the classic roster will remain dead for a game for the most of them. And if MK10 is released before the next generation of consoles, wish some decent/popular characters from MK4 to MKD can make the cut.

    After all we had MKvsDC that was focused on old faces. Wish to see the previous generation’s chars (PS) in this type of environment.

  5. actually it never showed how much villains died in mk9 just the
    part where kabal escapes,beats cyber sub-zero then they stop soulnado, beat the lin luei, then most heroes die by sindel.so the villains were not shown dead just heroes.also they are servants of quan chi so they can be brought back as minions of shinnok.i dont know what the hell your all saying about new characeters when only a few had really died like noob who could be revived like scorpion is since they are freakin zombies.but noob just explaoded by soulnado so i doubt he’ll come back.

  6. it’s time ed boon mortal kombat 10 should have all new characters and fatalities. its time to move on from the characters that we all know and love but now put them to rest and come on with all new.


      • Phaaashaw…… I dislike your crazy ideals. They should only keep a couple of people. (Raiden, Goro, Liu Kang)
        Anyone else isn’t a huge plot-part.

  7. Yeah I agree with you all guys mk9 was awesome and Armageddon should be remade for xbox and playstation 3. It would be nice to see all the kharacters again with there bios weapons and kreate a kharacter mode all in stunning 3d. Yeah we need some fresh talent some new story modes like for each kharacter or something like in soul caliber 3/4/5. And notice that the story in mk 9 was not komplete because RAIN and MORTARO were not in it and the heroes would of lost anyway. Still it would be nice to see mk your way , just bring back da flipping weapons man and 3d levels like da, deception, Armageddon etc, SCORPION is boss ,oh and chess mode and a armoury to try new weapons or something to keep fans interested. maybe all of the mk kostumes new ones as well tital screens etc. I know I’m rabbeling on but mk deserves better because of st v tkn and sc5 doa5. This new mk10 game boon or tobias is like your enermy so FINISH HIM… Fatality ,GET OVER HERE….—–>you guys rule!!

  8. What I mean to say is that netherealm studios need to bring back all the mk inspiration like have all the MK ARKADE games, MK 1/2/3/U3/TRILOGY/4/GOLD etc, all into one game maybe 2 DISC case. Also have the classic MK MUZIK THEMES like from the movies and series. Try having a much bigger reward when you finish the game like KOSTUMES unlock or new weapons and BIOS and HISTORY of all the MK GAMES, or arcade game unlocks. Another nice addition is KEEP, the “XRAYS” moves and bring back SMOKE CYBER with his BOMBS AND HOOK moves and more RAIN mortaro and KRATOS. Warner brothers please for god sake help MK N, REALM studios publish this info I have given. And bring back the KLASSIC LEVELS like ALL THE PIT stages and SKY TEMPLE and DARK PRISION. They some of my favourites especially raidens sky temple from Armageddon, weather effects affect how you FIGHT. FINISH HIM…. and I know I am askin alot but could you bring back ONLINE games and MOTOR KOMBAT RACING. Thanks and I hope get this.

  9. The fate of this GAME… will be in your hands HA HA HA… sorry. Anyways you guys clearly have like a lot angry fans out there because they want to express their feelings and ideas into one inspiration. Afterall MK has come such a long way since what.. 1994/5 I think, so being the second oldest fighting game it just has to be better than the other rival games like SOUL CALIBER 5, STREET FIGHTER V TEKKEN AND DEAD OR ALIVE 5. Just to name a few that’s lot of work to be done if it has to KOMPETE. I love MK especially SHAOLIN MONKS because that was something different which can only be matched by DOAs NINJA GAIDEN or that NINA WILLIAMS adventure game from TEKKEN if anyone remembers, probably not… Anyway again, I just want see MORE MK GAMES because with today’s technology and graphics and artists, netherealm studios can achieve all of these ideas and put them to good use.

  10. Maybe you could make a new KONQUEST game like ELDER SCROLLS, but with the MORTAL KOMBAT KHARACTERS. It would work pretty much like how you KREATE A KHARACTER MODE but you get to choose which clan you want work or work in like the SHIRAI RYU or LIN KUEI or the DEADLY ALLIANCE or something. The gameplay would pretty much like how SHAOLIN MONKS did but you can switch between third person or first person mode. And as you run around you can visit other secret clans at work in cavens or other realms and each faction will challenge you to a FIGHT. You can play online and carry and collect weapons and the KLASSIC KOINS like RUBY, SAPPHIRE, ONYX, GOLD,SILVER ETC. Visit portals, realms and dragons. All clans or factions you dare to choose will have an effect on gameplay, weather it’s the milatary like JAX AND SONYA or SHOALIN MONKS LIU KANG , KUNG LAO AND KAI or SHUJINKO and BO RAI SHO or a member of outworld will lead up from first MK TOURNAMENT UPTO ARMAGEDDON and your main goal is to manage your clan to be superior to other ones and rally the troops to “DOOMSDAY” (ARMAGEDDON) , while you can either be a SPY or a just go about your own adventures and seek new places in EARTHREALM and OUTWORLD and NETHEREALM and you see all the MK KHARACTERS FIGHT. The start of the game can be where you choose to be either male or female and what outfits to wear. Also weather changes and live animals try to attack you at anytime so awareness is a KEY element to the game and camp out so you rest and focus on what you have learned. Have weapons and join a game ONLINE at anytime. That would be something different for change while making the new MK10 game, because afterall we need to see the origins of each character. Seeing as MOST of them are all NEW. Still KEEP the FATALITES ,ANIMALITIES , and BRUTALITIES, kreate new costumes and powers etc. You can be a thief or a bandit or something and upgrade your moves and interact with other KHARACTERS. This is not nessasarly RIPPING OFF ELDER SCROLLS it’s just something to KEEP the MK FRANCHISE going like a new SHAOLIN MONK game but with ALL the MK KHARACTERS. But on XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION 3. Like ASSASINS CREED SERIES.

  11. I just don’t get playstation and xbox because it seems that they can’t decide weather to put new games or old on either format. I mean you got SONYS MGS SNAKE EATER AND NO 2 etc, THEN you got GOD OF WAR on ps3, so now they’re. Putting MGS rising on XBOX and they have put TEKKEN on xbox, why don’t they put KRATOS on xbox as well for flip sake. Huh? Who cares ? It’s All about the fans.

  12. P1 -SCORPION P2-SUB ZERO ROUND 1 FIGHT… ed boon I hope you consider these ideas and KICK SOME ASS … DANGER … finish HIM SCORPION WINS flawless victory FATALITE…——•>

  13. Ithink yu should make the new mortal kombat kinda lyk killer instinct in a way…. Combos are gettin pretty popular now lets take it to the next level!!!

    • lil neebster who da hell r u anyway huh calling me a weak pathetic fool ya little lolly gagging fool, incase u ain’t noticed everyone on this link has submitted something about the new game and U, say im stupid and weird and need to get a life, i have actually one and dont U don’t say anything about anyone else do ya. im not obsessed or some shitt like that, its just i that was trying to get my point across. i never even meant to write that much anyway. and dont need no fucking agro from anyone, especially YOU FOOL….

  14. hi im jose michael camargo i played all 3 mortal kombat i gaen mk9 for 360 its good question? i think mk 10 could have first 4 games mk 1 2 3 4 could it be done emal is michaeljcamargo@aol.com and also make it with same music melody of mk 4 backgrounds from mk 4 but add new backgrounds also like worrior shrine from mk 1 and palace gates and choose your detiny add same players lije goro and quan chi from mk 4

  15. I really would like to see Tanya in the sequel. And just go on with the survivors from MK9; Raiden, Johnny and Sonya.

    • There’s also Shinnok as the next boss, and they’ll probably add some of the MK4 characters, like Tanya and Kai. However, I don’t think you can be sure Sonya and Johnny are alive, that’s kinda a split.

  16. They should try and get better at bringing back the chars from the old timeline (MK4 to MKA). And try to make some of them non canon in a way that Tekken does that great from now on. Instead of just having fan favorites dying and be forgotten for many years.

    The roster being around 25-30 characters, more or less is alright but a circle of 15 chars coming back in the sequels after an appearance instead of just 2 or 3 would be great. Damn, you can kill Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in RE ORC but they will still be back in the future games.

    So, having many deaths is not bad, but keeping some of them as non canon for a sequel should take place with games featuring so many chars. Anyway, wish to see and hear about the MK4-MKA era roster soon.

  17. In my opinion mk9 sucked in gameplay comparing to umk3 , the animations are also to hollywood , not so dark annymore , they should give that feeling of umk3 back in it , fast combos dark style , and no crappy 3d shit like we have now. Mortal kombat used in the first games animations of real people that made it so cool , i wish they do that again , i know for sure it is possible.

  18. I guess the announcement was in fact for Injustice: Gods Among Us and not MK10, then?

    Whatever happens with the next MK, as long as Sindel features, and Sub-Zero returns in his regular form I’ll be a happy Kombatant. ( >.0)

  19. Why not just get a bunch of different characters from different x-box and ps3 games and new and old mortal kombat characters

  20. Make the dead characters unlockable or DLC, and have new characters as well, you cant have to many “new” considering all the deaths. Same goes with the reocurring characters as well. Once they die they should be dead, or brought back by Raiden for good guys, Qaun Chi for bad guys, or even vice versa, have Raiden bring back Scorpion and fight for the good side, have Quan Chi bring back Liu Kang for the Netherelm/Outworld. Also bring back a story similar to Konquest or where you can see the world through Johnny Cages perspective for example, definately loved MK9 though.

    • Bring no one back. No one at all. I hated zombie Liu Kang. I hated zombie Raiden. Bring no one back. Leave no survivors. Kill them all.

  21. To:Ed boom
    Pleeze keep at least half of characters from mk9.pleaze put scorpion,sub zero ,ermac ,johnny cage,sonya ,and some others should be revived by raiden ,fujin ,or bu elder gods in story mode .like kung lao ,kitana ,jade ,jax .Liu kang dont know should he berevived in Human or zombie .noob shoud somehow be revived .kratos should be more faster at fightin ,he wuz to slow in mk 9 .kenshi ,rain ,shouldve bin in story mode .idk if krato should be in story like he was somehow sent to netherealm or discoverd a portal to get there .boom u should put more than 2 fatalities like at least4 for each character and at least 2 xray moves for each character .I hate to say this but I guess u should put new characters
    like at least a total of 50 characters or a number that makes even of equal of bad and good .I liked mk 9.make this game the best fighting game of all .

    From a big fan of mk

    • Kratos was only in PS3, and I’ll give you 128 bucks (USD) if he shows up in the next game. Plus he was only really cheap, and I hated the idea of him being in the game.

  22. They should do tag Team fatalities or Team fatalities .that would make mortal kombat the best of all and #.1fighting game and I agree with epic .

  23. i want to see new charcters in mk 10 last mk9 was like umk3 the only new characters were cyber subzero and scarlet… i adam diaz found out about mk9 umk3 mk3 mk2 and mk1 they mkdception not part6 mortal kombat armagedon just a project the only full mk coplete

  24. Adam Diaz…games are mk1 mk2 mk3 mk4 and mk5 but like the game mk trillogy these games are alike mk deception mk amagedon not only that instead of doing the mk 9 project at midway they take it to warner brothers studio it looks quiet childish sounds like warner brothers animaniacs slap stick i really want it ti be the company that started all midway if its the last mk much diapointment if they went back to WB. Thankxs for an awsome game midway.

  25. they should make the announcer say new things like if you miss a upper cut once in a while he should say whoooopsi . if you complete a 15 hit combo shao kahn should say mastery…. new alities will include x rayality which will show the x ray of a player skeloton after you beat him to a pulp to show how much damage you did to him or her then it will get out of x ray mode and the person will explode for bragin rights. there should be baby kombat like the size of puzzle kombat on deception . they should let subzero sit this one out let frost be linkei leader .

  26. At the end of mk9 raiden transports cage and Sonya along with himself and Liu Kang away. He said that we must tend the fallen. So I think he will revive the fallen karacters as what he did with jax earlier with his god like powers. So I think that most karacters will stay. As for the new karacters, boon said that it will somewhat be involved with mk4 so I expect people like fujin, Reiko, Tanya, shinnok,etc. However I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw people like bo rai Cho or a FEW people from armegeddon. What do you think bout that?

  27. If there is a new MK game, they should let Mojang make the game with them ’cause I’d like to see Herobrine in there.

  28. It took me a while but I bought xboxone and ps4 a total of $835 dollars going to get a Wii U for my birthday i got Call of Duty Ghost, Battle Field 4, Madden 25, Fghter Within Ryse Son Of Rome, for Xboxone I got a Ps4 with Injustice Gods Among us and Wii U game Call of Duty Black Ops 2 going to get a cosole Black Colred one im just waiting for Mortal Kombat 10 i beat this guy John Daniel in Mortal Kombat 2 back in 1995 he has everyone in waco but me involved in it probaly mad of loosing to me I used sub zero and did a fatalty on him the ice shatter tony angelo where ever you are get a conroller buddy we need a rematch because ed boon says so . um gonna pawn my ps3 take off my game on it get 150 bucks wait till next mont for my 240 dollars

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