Home Contests Congratulations to our Brotherhood tournament winners!

We’ve seen some of the best Assassins Templar on Earth compete, and after some of the most intense games of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood ever played, our tournament champions have stepped forward… after stepping over piles of slain enemies.

We saw incredible ingenuity and tenacious spirit in the virtual eyes of all our competitors, and even I learned a few things.

Top Tier Tactics is proud to present to you, our esteemed readers, the most skilled killers on this side of the 16th century.

Xbox 360 Champion: Loomer979

Loomer swept through the final bracket with a 6,000+ point lead over the other players, placing him squarely in the godlike category. He intuitively sniffed out pursuers, used inventive means to take down roof-running targets, and employed a mixture of means to rapidly acquire variety bonuses.

PC/Uplay Champion: SeriousBoy1

SeriousBoy1 is a high score hero, raking up 7600 points in the first game alone, then going on to craft a living nightmare for the opposition in every match. His quick reactions and intelligent, aggressive play style resulted in some truly stunning moments that were directly responsible for my PC crashing.

Playstation 3 Champion: Shay2383

While I can’t speak for Shay2383’s gameplay, Space Hamlet had this to say about the PS3 finals:

“Playing with the PS3 finals bracket was something of a humbling experience.  Where I’ve grown accustomed to depending upon the relatively lacking brainpower of the average gamer half-enthused with his hobby of choice, these players would consistently see me coming and cut me off at the corner.  I’m pretty sure that it was shay2383 who at one point pulled me into a haystack I was idly passing.  That was the moment when I finally understood: the rest of the people in this match were taking the shit pretty seriously.” – Space Hamlet


SeriousBoy1, with a commanding final score of 19,050 points, will take home our Grand Prize, a limited edition E3 Assassin’s Creed Revelations poster. Loomer979 with a final score of 17,600 points will take home our first prize, a copy of Assassin’s Creed Revelations (when it actually comes out). The top 3 players from each platform receive a $15 J!NX gift code, so really… everybody wins! Unless you didn’t, in which case you lost.

We will also be selecting one non-participant registrant at random to receive my personal copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, after which I will retire from the game be forced to buy a new copy. Thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for more upcoming events. We’ll be sure to run some more and you can bet florins to donuts we’ll have something cool planned for Revelations’ release.

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