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In case you’ve been living under the assistance of a socialist government a rock, Valve decided to partner its favorite hat simulator with gaming’s worst trench coat simulator.

While my full thoughts on the Deus Ex Update items are forthcoming this week, the release of new content (as shitty as Space Hamlet may believe it to be) has spurred some creativity in my otherwise rusted-out brain.

While you wait with baited (bated?) breath to hear how much I love item X and dislike item Y, enjoy these animated shorts and try to keep the commentary… civil.

Spy Lesson XIII

Random replay hijinx


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  1. Loved the videos and hope you make more.

    Maybe you should make a video with you playing on random servers with people in your Steam Group.

  2. Glad to see more of Wing’s spy videos.

    If I may make a correction about your spy video, Wing, I would like to say that the enforcer does have a drawback on the deadringer. Even though the cloaking is still instant the decloaking is correctly lengthened. So it is only half effected, but even if it effected the both the cloak and decloak time on the deadringer, it would render it useless in terms of faking a death (which it is already pretty bad at).

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