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Last week, I called out to you, dear reader for help.

I stated my simple goal: to revive Tactical Tuesday/Thursday and bring back a more constructive interaction with the community. All right, maybe I made up the last part right now, but still.

I needed your insight into what’s driving the forefront of gaming strategy. From FPS to RTS to MMO, you answered the call. In fact, I got so many responses, it will probably take me a few articles to address them. So let’s see what’s in the mailbox and tear it to shreds!

Spyjinks by Zero 51

First up, a player known as Zero51 sent in his video series, Spyjinks. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be some sort of pun, but since i can’t pronounce it, it’s probably Russian.

Regardless, Spyjinks is a fun little video set designed to use full-round Spy footage with text lesson overlay and soothing music to teach novice Spies the tools of the trade. If it sounds familiar, it’s probably because Zero51 copied it directly from SubtleArt. But hey, I’m not here to judge. I’m here to get article views off of other people’s content.

It’s immediately obvious that Zero51 is a superior video editor to yours truly, though I’d still like to believe I possess a superior wit. That said, the inclusion of a Fails counter is quite hilarious, and his observations are nonetheless astute. Zero51 has a good Spy sense, even if he doesn’t have the best of luck.

You can check out two other Spyjinks episodes here and here, or subscribe to his YouTube channel here. Just make sure you tell’em WiNG sent ya.


Demoknight in the Sky

Our esteemed, long-time reader Shadesnow submitted a video that finally solves the elusive mystery of flying Demoknights.

If you’ve played on Degroot Keep, you’ve probably encountered and/or cursed this “feature.” I don’t know if it’s possible on other maps, but the video author explains it in the description:

Me as a charging Demoknight decapitating a Sniper in midair on Degroot Keep. Or, at least my feet did… :)

To do this, you just use your Chargin’ Targe and charge up onto the smaller rocks (which will work as a ramp) and voila! You are now a flying Demoknight!

I only have one thing to say to map-breaking cyclops warriors: Never change, you loveable scamps.


How to Everything

Finally, T3’s most prolific commenter, Guy923, submitted an interesting YouTube channel, thedriver1. While I can’t say I’m jealous of his video editing abilities, gameplay abilities, or command of the English language, thedriver1 has some unique insight into what makes the Pyro and the Scout such powerful classes. I don’t want to spoil the secrets, so just watch for yourself:

While it’s three years old, I think it opens up a valuable dialog among TF2 players when discussing valid flanking and DPS methods for our favorite mute monster. As for the Scout… you can view that on your own time here.

There’s more to talk about next time, but there are only so many videos I can watch before contemplating suicide getting kind of tired. Got something you think Top Tier Tactics’ readers should see? Send it our way to be featured on the next Tactical Tuesday/Thursday! If it wins games, we want to see it!

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  1. That was our all favorite guy923 that made that vid?

    Also, how about asking the reader’s viewpoint about something (New weapons in tf2. There’s some for each article!), then taking it together in the next TT? Although, for those that really read this site (about 6 people, including guy923 and me), it would be just re-reading the comments. But still fun!

    • Upvoted just for the OP’s use of the English language. I may sound offensive but I chuckled when more letters popped on the screen, in his defense our language makes absolutely no sense as far as spelling most of his words really should be spelled that way.

  2. “If it sounds familiar, it’s probably because Zero51 copied it directly from SubtleArt.”

    i actually mainly based the style on some of WiNGSPANTT’s older videos. I guess it all comes full circle. :)

    Thanks for the mention.

  3. Esteemed Achievement = Unlocked

    Wing I want my free hat that comes with this achievement:P

    As far as trimping goes because I can’t do it if anyone has some more pointers that would be great.

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