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Like I said way back when I asked for your clips from TF2, I have the capability to put together high res, high quality videos now. And I’ve proceeded to do just that.

While it’s only a minute or so long, it was loads of fun to make and I’m pretty happy with the result. In a new series called Tips from Clips, I’ll break down moments in gameplay from whatever game I’m currently hooked on.

No video will be over two minutes, and there’ll be a new one every day.

At the end of the week, I’ll put my voice to the source gameplay, breaking down my thoughts and the failures (there are many) I don’t highlight in the clips.

For now, I’ll be posting each video to both my personal channel and the T3 YouTube account, with the full commentaries staying on my own channel. I’ll be working on a Clip-Tip compilation solely for the T3 channel with my best stuff. I’ll also add more sarcasm and extend some of the clips to make room for more fun.

I’ll ask that you have a look at the videos embedded below and give me as much feedback as you can. WiNG has already seen these and given a cent or two, but your help is also very important. Almost more so.* Anyway, enjoy!

*Don’t kill me Master!

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  1. Nice. I’m looking forward to more of these. I haven’t properly played BF since BF2; so I’m massively out of practice.

    Good show Xiant.

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